Carbon Filter

carbon filter

Image of imported activated carbon filter material.

  • The activated carbon that is been used is called “Anthracite”.
  • It is coal that you make fire with.
  • The coal that is mined from under the ground.
  • They just burn the coal withholding oxygen from it.
  • The same process that’s been used to make charcoal.
  • The marketing use the words “Activated carbon”.
  • Please get real this is marketing and millions is been made out of it.
  • You believe it is a special type of carbon.
  • If you look at the photo you will notice that the material is solid.
  • What do you think is the absorption ability of this solid material?
  • It is like poring water on a granite slab and held a glass under it to get the filtered water.
  • If you want to tell me that the water flow through this solid material then you must be mad.

 What is the difference between the activated carbon filter that is imported and charcoal?

  • The imported reactivated carbon is from coal and is very solid.

    carbon filter

    Image of the “Bio Activated Carbon Filter””.

  • If you look under the microscope you will see that it is solid.
  • Charcoal made from wood is not so solid.


What is the difference between activated carbon and charcoal?

  • One is coal and the other is wood.
  • The coal or activated carbon is solid and the water will flow around it and not through it.
  • Water will flow through the charcoal and absorb the chemicals and dirt in the water.
  • In my view:
  • Activated carbon filters is a money making item. Not working properly.
  • Carbon is the best to clean or filter water.
  • It is cheap and can be replaced when every you feel.
  • The absorption ability is by far better than that of the solid coal activated carbon.

The “bio activated carbon filter” is more effective than the imported activated carbon filter.

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter image

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