Specialised Water Treatment Advice

We provide you with a comprehensive explanation of what is wrong with your water and what action you need to take to correct the problems.
Included in the explanation will be an estimated quotation to address your water problem, to establish the cost for water treatment.
We will provide you with an alternative recommendation on what to do if the water treatment quotation is too expensive for you.
Future more we will advise you on DIY actions that you can take and save money.
A fee of R300 is payable before all the necessary information and assistance will be provided – proof of payment to be send to do@askit.co.za.
Upon receiving proof of payment, we will forward your water report, the quotation and additional information for your water.

Fee of R300 to be paid into:

Bank Name                  Capitec

Account Holder             HO Collins

Account Number          144 385 3192

Reference                    Your Surname

Purifying Water

Why purifying the water? 

Our water treatment systems are geared for the prevention of any waterborne live threatening diseases.
For instance chlorine and fluoride that’s been added to water by the municipal treatment plant in some instances react with organic matter that forms toxic, cancer forming organic products known as Trihalomethanes (THMSs).
Our industrial and domestic water purifiers come with pre-treatment for borehole water, well point water, rain water or river water.
Our pre-treatment system consist of sand, Activated carbon and water softeners to collect rust, sand, mud and other types of solids before the water can flow through your reverse osmosis membrane.

Water Purifying Advice.

Water purifying is very important.
Diseases that are present in water can stay for years in your body before it could manifest.
The correct water purifying system must be used for a specific application.
Get the critical information at hand before you buy and system.
Talk to the people that work with the water purification systems on a daily basis.
The sales person knows nothing about water treatment or the application.
The health of your loved once depends on it.
Buying cheap products will cause you to pay later on medical bills.

Water Filter Media.

We also provide a wide range of specialized water purification filter media, such as siliphos, Granular activated carbon , solid activated carbon, Ion exchange resin, glass media, Evolet, Cat-ion resin, Iron removal,  Manganese sand and much more.

Reasons for buying a Water Purification system.

Our water purifying system prices is the most affordable prices in Africa.
It is low maintenance systems.
Very easy to maintain.
Tailor made just for your application.
Get up to a 95% improvement rate on overall water quality.
Our Experienced technical team to assist in installations and maintenance.
High quality approved reverse osmosis membranes.
We keep stock and have a wide range of suppliers waiting our call.
We work around the clock, not Africa time.
Test us!

Health effects of drinking borehole water

Discuss the health effects of drinking borehole water.

What are the health effects of drinking borehole water?

 You have notice that we have published a post about the dangers of drinking borehole water.
I think it is time that we say something about the health effects of drinking borehole water.
People only see the bad things in life and don’t even notice the small things.

What is the difference between borehole water and municipality water?

People think that municipality water is better than borehole water.
The people that use borehole water on the other hand think that borehole water is better.
Which of the two is the best?
To be honest!
In my personal view I believe that borehole water is a better choice.
Yes, borehole water is the best choice.

Reasons why borehole water is better than municipality water.

Municipality water is laden with all types of chemicals, minerals and not to talk about all the diseases that are present in the water.
You would say that the water is been treated.
Treated my bud!
The water is been treated to have a clean appearance and some elements is been treated.
Do you think they remove any of the chemicals that may be present in the water?
We talk about thousands of different chemicals.
It is not possible.
You can read visit the page about “Tap Water Source”.
This would give you a better insight regarding municipality water.

Borehole water on the other hand could be contaminated with bacteria or some type of chemical.
This can be rectifying.
All that you must do is to get your water tested at an accredited laboratory.
With that test results it will show you what needs to be treated.
In my view there is not a 0.5 % of the stuff that is present in the municipality water present in the borehole water.
That is if the municipality sewerage manhole overflow into your borehole feed.

Municipality treated water versus borehole water.

Borehole water would be my first choice due to the chemicals that is present in the municipality water.
The question that must be ask:
what is the maintenance level at the local municipality sewerage plant and at the water treatment facility? That is for you to judge.
What do you think happened to the sewerage that flow from that manhole for the last two weeks?
Who take responsibility for that pollution?


Cape Town Borehole Water

Tell us more about Cape Town borehole water.

What is in Cape Town Borehole Water?

Cape Town Borehole Water is the water that can change from good to complicated results. Water has salt and hard water at the same time. Making it difficult to treat hard water due to the fact that salt is been used to get rid of the Calcium and Magnesium that accumulate on the resin in the water softener systems. I have seen water test results that couldn’t get worst. Everything that you can think could go wrong is present in the water.

Cape Town Borehole Water testing.

What frustrate me the most is some of the test results that we get especially from the Cape region? If I look to the test results it seems to me that the client was told to test for stuff that is not applicable. I want to ask people that want to test their borehole water to first make sure what they want to achieve with the results. Is it to test the water for human consumption or is it for gardening. Always ask for the SANS 241 standard test.

Cape Town Borehole Water filtration services.

We can advise, supply and install water systems for borehole water treatment and municipality water. When borehole water is the subject, we require a water test report from an accredited laboratory. We will not do any installation on borehole water if we don’t know the status of the borehole water. It is not about the money involved. We value the health and well-being of our clients and their families. We want to ensure that the water system that we install is the correct application for the specific water quality.

Cape Town water treatment systems.

Cape Town water is most of the time hard. Calcium and Magnesium cause the water to be hard. The two combine create this hard water effect. The only way to treat this is to install a water softener system. The maintenance of this system is a bag of salt once a month. The salt causes the Calcium and Magnesium to separate from the resin in the cylinder to be flushed out in the drain. This proses is called regeneration proses.


Borehole water legal requirements

The borehole water legal requirements.

You live in town and have a small holding that you rent out.
This is a nice income. 
Sometimes the water supply is disrupted and that start to work on your nerves.
When the water is available again there is some stuff in the water and that is a thing you don’t like.
You expect the highest quality of drinking water.
You would sue the town council if you ever find something wrong with the quality of the water.

The town council must give you water that comply with the SANS 241 standard.
If the water doesn’t comply with the standards it could lead to health issues for the water consumers.
There is a legal responsibility on the supplier to ensure that the water comply with the minimum standards. You would not aspect any water that would not comply with the standards.
If the water quality does not comply it can lead with legal action.
The claims can be in the billions.

Your smallholding water.

The small holding that you rent you makes use of borehole water.
You are proud of the property and the house is in an excellent condition.
Your tenants pay the rent on time every month and there is no problem.
There is one problem that could cost you everything you have.
That thing is the borehole water that your tenants must use.
Do you have any independent water test reports about the quality of the borehole water?
Yes you have done a test at the local water shop a few years ago.
That test is not the paper worth it is printed on.
You must have at least a water test report that is not older than two years.
If there is something that is not under the limits then what was the action you have taken to rectify the problem?

Water legal obligation.

The water that you provide to your tenants must comply with every element of the SANS 241. 
If not you can be assure that when your tenant read this article they would do a water test.
If there is an element that do not comply.
They would take action and you would have no basis to stand on in court.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Borehole water legal requirements is something you as a property owner can't by-pass. If you provide water it must comply with the minimum standards of the SANS 241.

If you want to know more visit the link. Borehole water legal requirements

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Water Testing Laboratories

Is there any Water Testing Laboratories near me?

If you are looking for Water Testing Laboratories near you. You can visit www.boreholewater.com . You will find a water testing laboratory near you.

Getting a water testing form.

You can click on the photo on the right hand with the book in.  We suggest that you download the “borehole water testing form” that is on the website boreholewater.com. You will notice on the menu at the top left that there is a page called “Borehole water testing form”. Open the page and on the right hand side there is a photo with a book in with the wording, “Borehole water testing form”. Open this photo and a Pdf file will open. You download this page. Print it and fill it in. please mark all the elements to be tested. It is important that all elements been tested.  You take 1, 5 liter water that have run for a while. Courier the water sample bottle and the form to Water Lab in Pretoria.

Assist with water test results.

We will assist you with the water test results. We know that it could sometimes be confusing if you see all this results and do not know for what it represents or what the maximum must be.


Download form

Water Testing Laboratories

Borehole water test report

What is the borehole water test report all about?

  • The borehole water test report is the results from the borehole water that you have tested at the accredited laboratory.
  • The accredited water testing laboratory provides you with the test report from your water sample.
  • This water test report is critical to establish the quality of your borehole water.

Do I need the borehole water test report?

  • Yes.
  • We would not give you any advice on your borehole water treatment system without the test report.
  • Any person or business that gives you advice without the knowledge of the content of the water test results is just there for the sale.
  • Stay away from that person.

Critical facts about the borehole water test report.

  • I’m eight years in the industry and I can count the people that could give you proper advice on borehole water treatment on my one hand.
  • Please don’t take any information regarding borehole water treatment from any person.
  • Borehole water treatment is complicated in some instances.
  • You must know what to look for and what action to take.
  • You can read about “nitrate or nitrite” removal in water but most of the advice doesn’t work.
  • There is countless case like this.

Where can I test my borehole water?

  • I receive everyday water test reports and some of them are of no help for the treatment of borehole water for human consumption.
  • I refer my clients to “Water lab”.
  •  Please download the “Borehole Water Test Form” and use it.
  • Do not! I say do not take any advice from any water shop regarding borehole water.
  • Never let any water shop test your borehole water not even if they inform you that they have a water testing lab.
  • It is just to lure you in buying something they want you to buy.
  • They are not in water selling not borehole treatment.
  • Talk to the people that specialize in borehole water treatment.
  • I have friends that have water shops and I can tell you that I listened to them when they talk to clients about borehole water treatment.
  • That information makes me scared!

Renting Properties with Boreholes

We Renting Properties with Boreholes!

Advice for Renting Properties with Boreholes.

Renting Properties with Boreholes is common for years. It was normal practice to rent out a property that gets the water from a borehole. People did not ask a question on the quality of the borehole water. The first thing they ask is it borehole water? The next question is how much water the borehole can supply during an hour. That is the end of any question regarding the borehole. People think about all the water and what they can do with all the water.

Legal responsibility with Renting Properties with Boreholes.

Renting Properties with Boreholes have some responsibilities. Even that bank would want to know some critical information regarding the borehole water. First the bank wants borehole water yielding capacity. That is to ensure that the property have enough water.  The second information they need is, proof that the water is safe for human consumption. People just install a Reverse osmosis system and think that it is fine. That is not fine! That is only a fraction of the solution.

Water quality requirements for Renting Properties with Boreholes.

The water of the boreholes must be safe for human consumption. To state that you drink the water for years and nothing happened and that you are still healthy. That is no evidence that the water is safe for human consumption. The only thing that matters is to get the water tested at an accredited laboratory. Ask the people at the lab what the best test is to establish if the borehole water is safe for human consumption. A water shop is not accredited. When you receive the test results you can email it to us and we will study it and do recommendations. We would assist, supply, install and maintain the water treatment systems. Without the water testing results you would not know the quality of the water and what treatment system to use.



Renting Property with Borehole.