Why is the well point dry?

This is question that I get nearly every day.
The well point had water and in some instances it was strong.
The problem is that during the rainy season in the Western Cape we got a lot of rain in the catchment areas of the dams.
We did not get enough rain in the other areas of the Western Cape.
The groundwater table or level did not receive enough water.
During the drought nearly every second house drilled a borehole or a well point.
This brought a big relief for the city council due to the fact that the water consumption was lower.
While in actual fact, the people pump water from the ground for their daily usage.

What can I do with the dry well point?

You can do nothing about a well point that starts to dry up.
The best you can do is to wait for another rainy season and use it then.
You can always drill another well point and connect it with this existing well point.
The two well points will be able to provide you with some water.

Dry well point.

It is very seldom that you would have a dry well point.
The reason for this is that well point water is water that filters through the sand.
It would that a while for the water to replace the water that you pumped from the well point.

Dry well point options.

Drill another well point and connect the two or even a third one.
Install a timer on the well point that it would pump every hour or two hours for a time that you measured when the water stop flowing through the pump.

Dry well point advice.

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