Misleading Advertising.

3 Stage Whole House 20 Inch Big Blue Water Filter System.

Also called the Big Blue system.

 With an UV Filter, 2 Sediment Filters & Carbon Block Filter.

This is an advert that we feel is totally misleading.


(Wrong Advice) Purify the water supply to every tap in your house with a flow rate of ± 2720 litres per hour.

(Our Advice) The system does not purify the water it only filter the water up to the size of the smallest filter in the system. That filter could then be only being 60% effective. It means that the 40% of the filter would let particles go through that is bigger.

(Wrong) Removes unwanted particles such as sand, algae, rust, mud, slime and others from your water.

(Our Advice) What unwanted particles does they talk about and what is the size of this particles. Sand is not a problem if you pump the water into a tank the sand will accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

(True) UV (Ultra Violet) light kills and disinfects water from harmful bacteria, viruses & spores.

The important tip is that if the UV light is off or fuzz then the UV light is of no use. The other thing is the build-up of lime around the quarts tube. If the water is brown and muddy the UV light will also be of no value.

(Wrong) Improves taste, colour and odour of water.

(Our Advice) Sorry I do not fall for this story. How will it improves taste? They will tell you that the activated carbon will remove the odour. Yes for a short time and then the filter will let it pass through.

(So Nice.) Installs easily & neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded area.

What is this systems value if it is not effective? It doesn’t prevent roundworms and other bacteria from going through.

(Wrong) Instantly improve your water supply with this system designed to remove contaminants & pollutants from your water without affecting the water pressure. This whole house filtration system will deliver high-quality drinking water and give you peace of mind.

(Our Advice) You will believe this and have peace of mind. Wait till your family start experiencing health problems. This system does not deliver any quality of drinking water.

(Wrong) *It is always recommended that installations are done by certified plumbers.

You can do it yourself.

**Please note, that because of this product being couriered, the UV light is not preinstalled on the system due to the fragile nature of the UV bulb. Installation is required.

***This system is not designed to filter borehole water. Please, contact us for borehole water treatment advice.

What you get with the 3 stage house system:

  • 3 x 20 Inch big blue filter housings
  • 1 x Mounting frame
  • 1 x 5-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filters
  • 1 x 20 Inch carbon block filter
  • 1 x 1-micron 20 Inch big blue sediment filters
  • 1 x 55W ultraviolet sterilizer (960mm length)
  • *The filter cartridges supplied with this unit are not labelled and are already in the correct sequence for filtering
  • Filter dimensions: 11.4cm x 50.8cm
  • Fittings size: 1" NPT

3 Stage Whole House water system advices.

Stay away it is a waste of money.
The system is of no value.
Don’t put your family’s health on the line.
Never use this system to treat borehole or well point water.