Well point advice

Need well point advice.

  • I need advice on well point usage.
  • If you need advice on well point advice and you are from the Cape region we would assist you.
  • We know the predicament you are in due to the drought.
  • The problem that you experience with your well point water is complicated.
  • You know that the water is too salty and that there is a lot of calcium and magnesium in the water.


Guesthouse use well point water.

  • If you have a well point it would be wise to talk to us. 
  • Let’s say you have a guest house that use well point or borehole water.
  • You need to test the well point or borehole water quality.
  • That is very important.
  • If there is any legal action taken against you by a client that make used of you serves.
  • The moment the legal action is launch it is then too late to test the water.
  • You will have no grounds to defend yourself in court.
  • You will have to settle or face the law. 

Advice on the use of well point or borehole water.

  • Always test the water quality of the well point or borehole.
  • You cannot use the well point water and think it is safe for human consumption.
  • You would say that it taste good and it is clean.
  • Yes it could but is there any heavy metals or bacteria in that could cause long term health effects.
  • Things like kidney or liver failure.
  • It takes time to manifest but the moment it starts to manifest it is too late to do anything about it.

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Well point advice