The different water treatment systems.

Specialised Water Treatment Advice.

Best water treatment system.

  • There is no such thing as the best water treatment system or one system treats all types of water.
  • The best option when it comes to water treatment systems is to work according the water analysis.
  • No person can advise you about the treatment of water if they do not have a water analysis to work with.
  • This is the first step and the most critical step.
  • No water analysis no advice must be the moto.
  • We talk about the health and well-being of the client’s family.

Water treatment system for an application.

  • Every water sample has elements in that must be tested to establish what is present in the water.
  • When you know what is present in the water you can then act on rectify the water.
  • Let’s say the water samples calcium and magnesium levels are high.
  • You don’t look to the number and think it is high or low.
  • No. There is a calculation you must do to establish what the total hardness of the water is.
  • When you know the total hardness of the water you can then work out what size of system you are going to install.
  • There are some other factors that you must take in consideration.
  • Like what the sodium and chloride levels is.
  • That could play a very important role in the process to remove the calcium and magnesium.

Water treatment system for calcium and magnesium.

  • The best option is the ion exchange system or better known as the softener system.
  • This system works with resin that collects the calcium and magnesium as it flow pass the resin.
  • Salt (sodium) is then been used to flush the calcium and magnesium from the resin.
  • The resin releases the calcium and magnesium when the sodium gets in contact with the resin.

Natural water treatment system to treat calcium and magnesium.

  • There is a few of these products on the market.
  • They all claim that it works on the molecular level of the calcium and cause the calcium not to build up in the pipes.
  • The marketers will inform you to visit their website and read all the positive comments of very happy clients.
  • Please do not believe these comments.
  • The best or smart thing you can do is to ask them if they can provide you with any laboratory results.
  • They would not be able to do that.
  • They play on the people’s emotions.
  • The stuff doesn’t work. It is a waste of money.
  • I have tested some of these products and can inform you that it does not work.
  • You must remove the calcium and magnesium from the water.
  • That is the only way that works.

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