Water Shops

Water Shops

Water Shops

  • Water  Shops and the water that they sell.
  • Is their water purified and clean?
  • Yes and no!
  • We have found live organisms in the water of the water shops water that they sell.
  • Why do you get the live organisms in the water?
  • There are a few reasons why we get these live organisms in the water.
  • The most common organism that we get in the water shop water is a small bacteria that cause diarrhea.
  • The bacteria look for the side like a mango.
  • We have found that if these bacteria come in contact with blood they will multiply in a very short time to millions.
  • They are very aggressive.
  • The reason why we make this statement is:
  • I had a 5 liter glass bottle with more than 2000 Roundworms in.
  • I throw these bacteria into the glass bottle and drip a few drops of blood from my finger into the water.
  • Three days later there were millions of these bacteria.
  • There was not a trace of any roundworm left.

What is in the water shops water?Water Shops

  •  This water shops section will show our clients what we have found in water that the water shop in their area has in.
  • We will not mention the water shops name but you will have a clear indication what is in the water that you pay for.
  • They are there to make money not preforming holy rituals.
  • They test the water with their TDS meter and that is that.
  • Ask them to show you the latest lab report that they conduct.
  • Look if they test for parasites like Roundworms and Amoebas.
  • Let them tell you how they take a water sample to test for Roundworms and other live organisms.
  • It is not just taking a water sample.
  • You must know how to take the water sample to get accurate results.

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Whatdo you think is your water shops water quality?

If you have a question about the water shop in your area.

  • Sometimes clients phone me and ask me if I know the quality of their water shops water.
  • Most of the time I do not.
  • We do not walk around and test every water shops, water for parasites and bacteria.
  • When a client ask me.
  • If it is possible to look into their water shops water quality.
  • I do that when I’m in that area.
  • I take my 18 liter dispenser water bottle and buy water from the shop.
  • Then I take three water samples from that bottle.
  • I let the bottle stand for two days in a heated area.
  •  I take another three water samples.
  • Any live organism that I find in the water samples.
  • I will put them on the website to show that areas people what they can expect in the water.

Water shop water samples:

  • What I found in the water that the water shops sell is sometimes not meant for the eyes of the public.
  • Yes they just sell water and use the cheap imported water filters. Some water shops even use sand filters.
  • Please that is a joke.
  • They can use sand filters but must have high quality filters before the membrane.
  • When I talk about high quality then I mean high quality.
  • They use this rubbish imported cheap filters and tell you that it is the best.
  • They do not know their products.
  • Yes their product is the water but if you use low to on quality water filters then the water quality is also low to none.
  • Selling Water is Not About Money.

Please excuse the rude tune of the writing but it is not about money for me. It is about the health and well-being of my clients and the people who buy water.