Water Contamination


  •  Water Contamination is a topic that we see quite often in the media.Water Contamination
  • Poor service delivery includes the water delivery to township.
  • If we look we will notice that on a regular basis there is reports in the media that raw sewerage treatment plants machinery or pumps do not work and as a result of that the sewerage just flow into a dam or river.
  • This is then not attended to immediately but rather ignored by the government officials.
  • I mentioned government officials because government place this people in these positions even if they have any knowledge in this field or not.
  • The official do not care they are there just to collect their salary.
  • It is a disgrace.
  • If you are not serious about your health then go and read the “Close Tap Water Source” on this website.

Where can I find water contamination information?

  • You can find tap water contamination information in this website.
  • There is advice how you can protect your family from ill health.
  • Every section on this website has information for you on nearly any topic that involves tap water or drinking water.
  • We have links to other sources that discuss water issues.
  • All you have to do is to use the Index pages for fast access to the information you required.
  • Water Contamination Index is a Place to Start.
  • You Can Find Different Pages and Topics Under this Heading.
  • It is all About Water Contamination.

Where are the articles about water contamination?

  • Water contamination index is a place to start.
  • Just click on the link and it will open on that page in that website where the article is.
  • Please look to our reverse osmosis system page.

What can I do to help promoting any Water Contamination issue?

  • We ask that you just log–in at the bottom of any page and raise your question.
  • What we then will do is to create a page that discusses your question.
  • By doing just that you are part of making this website a big information source.
  • Thank you.
  • You can contact us at 082 269 0210.
  • our email is: info@tapwatersa.co.za.
  • our office land line is: 012 335 0130.

Water Contamination Alert Index.

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