Tap Water Comments

Tap Water Comments

This is the fraudulent device that they use to sell RO systems.

  • This page and the Tap Water Comments is only to improve the website.
  • Please submit Tap Water Comments about the website or any question you may have regarding any water related issue.
  • Please would you give advice what you would like to see on the website?
  • This website is not for myself but to help, inform and advise our clients of any problem they might experience with tap water quality or their water purifying system.
  • You have a reverse osmosis system or any other water filtration system or may be none.
  • If you have a question or problem and it was not discussed on this website.
  • The chances is very slim that you would get it somewhere else.
  • That is why it is important to submit comments about something you want to know.
  • We will answer your comments and that will help to share some information with our clients.


 Submit Tap Water Comments we will not phone or contact you?

Submit Comments

Contact information to Submit Comment on Tap water SA

  •  No, we will not contact or harass you in any way.
  • If you contact us, then we will respond but to leave a Tap Water Comments is to improve the site.
  • You have our word that we will not contact or harass you if you submit comments.
  • We only have the information that you request to work on and that’s’what we will answer.
  • If you have submit comments be on the look out for the answer on the website.
  • Visit in a day or two to see if your question is on the site.
  • If every person who visits the website has one question this website will be the information site for domestic reverse osmosis systems.


Step to take to submit a Tap Water Comments:

  •  Type your questions in the search application on this page.
  • It will show you where you can find the answer.
  • You just click on the file and it will open where your question is been discussed.
  •  If the question you have is not on the website, please log-in or email us with the question.
  • There is an application for information or comments at the bottom of every page.
  • We will answer the question and put it on the site.
  • There will be someone else with the same question.
  • Every person plays a role in this site.


  •  If you are serious about your health, take action and log-in or email us at info@tapwatersa.co.za.
  • You can phone me at 082 269 0210.
  • Our land line is 012 335 0130.
  • Thanks. Henry Collins.


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