We need a Water Softener System.

Cape Town Water Softener System Advice.

Cape Town has hard water and to solve this problem you need a Water Softener System.
When we talk about hard water we refer to the fact that the water doesn’t want to foam when you use soap.
If glass is wet and it stand for a while to dry, you will notice that where the water drops was there is a ring mark.
You will also notice some white stuff at the opening of faucets.
You will hear some people say that there is lime in the water.
This is not a health hazard but more of a nuisance.

Advantage of having a Water Softener System.

The water softener system is worth the cost.
When we talk to our clients that have a water softener system installed.
After only one week they are impressed with the soft water.
I wonder if the word impressed could describe the satisfaction on their faces.
The first thing the usually say is, “I can’t believe we didn’t install it years ago”.
The water structure and everything about the water is different.
The water softener system removes the calcium and magnesium from the water.
This action causes the water to be soft and a pleasure to use.

How does the Water Softener System work?

Calcium and magnesium combined cause the hard water.
The water softener system has a big cylinder that has resin inside.
The resin collects the calcium and magnesium particles.
The water softener system have another container that have salt is.
During a set time frame usually at 2' o'clock in the morning the system regenerates.
The regeneration process is when the system flushes the salt through the resin that is in the cylinder.
The salt causes the resin to discharge the calcium and magnesium.
The calcium and magnesium is the flushed out, down the drain.

Water Softener System Suppliers.

We supply, install and maintain the water softener system.
Experience the soft water sensation.
The best you can do for yourself is to contact us.
We will assist you and answer your questions.
Don’t be another day without your water softener system.

We work nationwide.
New branch opening soon in Cape Town.
We have a team of technicians in Cape Town that focus only on water softener systems.


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