We feel it is important that we give some water systems feedback to our clients.

Water system installation work load.

  • We have at present four plumber contractors that do our installations.
  • All of them are fully booked for the next week.
  • People ask me to help them as soon as possible.
  • We have bent backwards for people that want their water systems installed as soon as possible.
  • That request would not stand anymore.
  • The rule of first come first serve will be applied.
  • That is people that can provide us with a water analysis.
  • We will get some more plumbing contractors in to assist use.

We get emails every day, some request that we must phone them, we can't phone every person. If you are serious about your water purification feel free to call us it doesn't matter what time. We will make time to talk to you.

Quick Water Treatment option.

Requests for information without a water analysis.

  • If you want some information about water systems, please know that we would not provide you with any advice if you can’t submit a water analysis report.
  • That water test report is KING!
  • The report is the most critical tool that we use to establish what actions must be taken.
  • The report will save you a lot of money due to the fact that the systems that we installed are specific for a risk element.
  • To get a system that is not required is a total waste of money.
  • The Big Blue systems are one of the money wasters.

Water testing requirements.

  • The water testing requirements is easy to follow.
  • The first step is to get an empty 2 lt water bottle.
  • Let the water flow from the pipe directly when the water comes out from the borehole or well point.
  • The water must flow for about five minutes and then the water sample must be collected.

Collecting and submitting the water sample.

You can take the water sample to Bemlab and pay them the R939.36 for the tests. Bemlab is located in the Strand.

Submit the water sample to DIY Water Systems.

  • You deliver the water sample to the “DIY Water Systems Shop” at 57 Barnard Street, Oakdale.
  • They would take water samples to Bemlab on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • The cost would then be the R 939.36 for the testing and R 300.00 for the courier to Bemlab.
  • That is a total of R 1239.36.

Collecting and submitting the water sample.

  • We would go out to the premises and take the water sample from the source.
  • We would then courier the water sample to Bemlab.
  • The cost involved is the R 939.36 for Bemlab, R 500.00 for the collection of the water sample and R 300.00 for the courier to the laboratory.
  • Total R 1 739.36.

Duration of the water sample analysis.

The time for the water analysis is between 7 and 10 working days. In some instances you must phone Bemlab to find out if the tests are completed or not.

Receiving the water analysis.

When we receive the water analysis you can send it to us for advice and a quotation. The email address that you can send the report to is do@askit.co.za. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Submitting water analysis.

  • The people that submit a water analysis would get preference.
  • The reason we do that is because that is the people that are serious about their water quality.
  • We can assist them because we have something we can work on.
  • We need the facts.

We also take some water samples from premises and deliver it to Bemlab.

New well point and borehole.

If you have a new well point or borehole there is important information that you need to know.

  • Never take the water sample in the first month of the well point or borehole.
  • Pump the well point or borehole for at least two months and then pump it for two days without stop.
  • Let the water flow down the drain.
  • Take a water sample and deliver it to the lab.
  • This will ensure that all the excessive minerals and elements are flushed out and that the reading wills a true reflection of the water.

The reason we inform you about this.

  • In one instance we had a client that has a borehole drilled.
  • The drilling contractor was so eager to take a water sample for them and submit it to a laboratory.
  • That is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.
  • A real money waster.
  • The client’s water had an Aluminium reading was above 4000.
  • With a reading like that you need a reverse osmosis system that would be able to remove that amount of Aluminium on a daily basis.
  • I instructed them to pump the water for two months and at least for two hours a day.
  • After the two months we took a water sample and the reading went down to below 300.

If you are serious about your water quality.

Get the water tested and get that report. We will assist you without delay.

No water test report – No advice or assistance.

Water testing analysis and immediate action from our side.

Water Systems Feedback