Johannesburg water storage solution.

  • We can assist you with the Johannesburg water storage problem.
  • You think the government will provide you with a constant water supply.
  • As you have experienced it is not the case.
  • It is a few days and you still have no water.
  • Correspondence with the municipality none exists.


Get your own water storage unit.

  • We will assist you to get the water storage unit delivered and installed at your premises.
  • All you have to do is to give us a call.
  • We will do the rest.

What is the water storage unit?

  • Our Johannesburg water storage unit is a 5 000 liter water tank with a pressure pump to ensure that you always have a constant water supply and flow whenever you need it.

Water storage solutions options.

We have a few solutions for your water storage.

The preventative water storage unit.

  • This is the 5 000 liter water tank with the pressure pump.
  • The water storage unit get its water from the municipality when the water is available.
  • The moment there is a water disruption the water storage unit starts to function.
  • Most of the time you would not even know that there is a water disruption.
  • You will hear the pressure pump working and that is the first time you will notice.
  • You will have water while your neighbours will experience water frustrations.

The borehole water storage unit.

  • This is the same as the preventative water storage unit.
  • The difference is only that it has a UV light unit added.
  • The UV light is to kill any live parasites and organisms that are present in the water.

The hiring water storage unit.

  • This is a 1 000 liter water storage unit.
  • We deliver the unit to the premises where you experience a water shortage.
  • This emergency water storage unit have a pressure pump to supply the water to the taps under pressure.
  • We close the water inlet valve from the municipality.
  • We connected the emergency water storage unit to a tap.
  • The water then flow through the tap into the building.
  • For more information about the service just visit “hiring emergency water unit”.


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