Brown water from tap can be a few things.

Brown water caused by iron.

If you want to know if your borehole or well point water have iron in. You have to do the following. You will notice that the water appears to be seeing through when it is pump from the ground. Put some of the water in a see through bottle and keep the cup off. Let it stand for a few hours and inspect the water in the bottle. If there is iron in the water the water will become brown like urine. It would not have a dark brown colour but rather a slight brown colour. That is a sure sign that there is iron present.

Brown manganese in water.

Manganese water is brown when it is been pumped from the ground. Manganese will also become darker if it is exposing to oxygen. The manganese is been treated the same way you would treat iron in the water. If you look to videos on the internet it would seems that it is not that difficult to treat manganese. If you do it yourself and get the stuff people inform you to get the chances are good that it would work but just for a month or two and then the brown colour is back.

Treatment of iron and manganese.

The treatment of iron and manganese is at times complicated and needs testing and time to get the system to functioning correctly. You can do it the natural way or the chemical way. The chemical way regulate an understanding what actions must be taken and the calibration is also important.

Brown marks in the toilet.

Brown marks in the toilet are the result of iron or manganese in the water. You must treat the water by removing the iron and manganese from the water.

Green mark in the toilet or bath.

If the water cause green marks in the toilet and bath it is the result of copper that is been corroded. This is the result of the ph that is too low or high levels of chloride and sodium in the water. This must be treated as soon as possible.

Brown Water from Tap
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