I want to know more about RO water systems.

Types of RO water systems.

There are different types of RO water systems. You get the industrial and the domestic RO water systems. This is the two different categories of RO water systems.

The domestic RO water system.

The domestic RO water system is an under counter system that have a small faucet only for human consumption. This system can purify between 189.27 lt per day to 567.81 lt per day. That only depends on the type of membrane you have in the RO system.

The 5 stage RO water system.

The stage reverse osmosis system is the most popular water purification system for domestic use. It is all that you require for your water. This is the system that I recommended because it is the only one that is standard and value for money.

The 6 stage reverse osmosis system.

The 6 stage reverse osmosis system is just a 5 stage reverse osmosis system with an extra filter. This filter is in 90% of the cases just a fake filter to boost the sales profit. They will inform you that the filter replace the minerals that was removed during the purification process. This filter is a waste of money and I can provide you proof of it. I’m totally against this type of sales practise.

The 7 stage reverse osmosis system.

The system is the same as the 5 stage reverse osmosis system but have only two extra filters. I don’t provide this type of system to my clients due to the fact that it is a rip off and a money making item.

The industrial reverse osmosis system.

The industrial reverse osmosis systems come in different shapes and sizes due to the different requirements the clients have in the industry. These systems can purify anything from a 1000 lt per day to thousands of liters per day.

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