Our Media Information page is about links that we have placed on the website to show people media information regarding water and the contamination thereof.
We give you the information about reverse osmosis systems and other types of water purifying systems.
We show you what is in the tap water of suburbs.

Media responsibility towards water pollution.

The importance of the Media Information regarding water pollution and the poor service the government provide the public with.
Things like water pollution that is been done by the government themselves.
They are the people who must protect and enforce the law.
But what are they doing? They break the law left right and center.
They feel a damn about any law in South Africa.

The "Blue Drop Status" water problem.

Government make use of the media information to influence the public to believe anything they want the public to believe.
This was the case with the “Blue Drop Status” where the public still believe the tap water is safe to consume.
The “Blue Drop Status” was launched during 2012 and nothing was published or any feedback given to the public regarding the “Blue Drop Status”.
I wonder if it is still the “Blue Drop Status” or is it now the “Brown Drop Status” if we look to all the sewerage that flows into our rivers and dams.
The same government that implemented the “Blue Drop Status”.

I believe the “Blue Drop Status” was only a political move of the ANC to make them look good.

Media Information today about our water environment and health of our ecosystem would not look that good.
In 1994 we could have talked about clean water for the sewerage treatment plants have worked and upgrades took place on a regular basis.
Now in 2014 we do not talk about clean water but about sewerage or polluted water.

What have happened?

Media information and the ANC regarding water pollution:

What is the media status about the reporting of water pollution?
Is it the same as the ban on the reporting of farm murders?
I think it is the case.
If a farmer is murdered the media do not even mentioned it but if a taxi has a flat tire the media is all over the place.
What about the tap water that is contaminated with live organisms and parasites like roundworms that are from the sewerage treatment plant?
I can today say that in about 30 suburbs tap water samples that we took from reverse osmosis system filters.
We have found not one tap water sample that was free of any live parasites.
The Roundworm is the number one parasite found in treated tap water.

Reverse Osmosis System the only solution.

The 5 stage reverse osmosis system is a must if you are serious about the health of your family.
You must remember that all the medicines and drugs that people use is in the drink water source.
The treated sewage water is been added to the drinking water.
This roundworm that you see on this page comes from the sewerage treatment plants.
The drugs and chemicals that is present in the drinking water can't be removed from the water source during treatment.
The only system that can remove the stuff from the water source is the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.