6 Stage reverse osmosis system is just an extra filter that’s been added.
This looks impressive but it is actually just a money making thing.
This extra filter is what we call a “Money Waster”.
They claim that the mineral replacement filter add minerals to the water that was removed by the reverse osmosis process.
That filter is a so called “mineral replacement filter”.
The filter is worthless and a fake product.

The 6 stage reverse osmosis system?

This is the 5 stage reverse osmosis systems with just an extra filter added to the system.
If any person or business wants to supply you with a reverse osmosis system other than a 5 stage reverse osmosis system you pay for products that will add no value to your health.
Whatever they tell you, it is fake.
You can tell them I say they are lying.
Please if they tell you that a filter would put something back in the water or that it does something.
Turn around and walk away.
They are not honest.

The Bio-ceramic filter. 

Bio-ceramic filters are filters that let water pass through the ceramic.
If water can’t pass through the ceramic filter then it is a fake and is not worth anything.
That is a money waster.
Bio-ceramic balls or filter where the water flow around the ceramic balls it is just for the show.
It has no value.
Do not do business with a business that advice this information.
Stay away from them.
They are there to catch honest people who believe people.
The best you can do is to turn around and walk away.

 The Bio-ceramic infrared rays filter.

First they will quote a professor from china or japan.
This is the biggest grab that any person can talk.
They will tell you that extensive biological research have find that the bio-ceramic infrared wavelengths is between 6 and 14 microns and that it benefits the human body.
They claim that water molecules are activated by these infrared rays.
If you know something about pure water you will know that this is nonsense.
That is rubbish.
Where there is independent laboratory reports not marketing material.
Show it. They lie through their teeth.
If a person thinks that I must believe this type of information.
Yes some people believe this and they do not think for themselves.
They pay the price for believing everything people tell them.
The best you can do is to turn around and walk away.

6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System.

The marketers of the reverse osmosis systems do not act ethical when it comes to honest, fair and in the interest of the client.
The demonstrations that they perform are misleading and are fraudulent.
There is nothing honest and real about their demonstrations.
Their success depends on how good they are with misleading clients that believe other humans.
They pray on the soft targets.
You can take my word for it.
Any sales person who tells you that the best reverse osmosis system is the 6 up to 8 stages have only one thing in mind.
There is only one filters that you can add to your reverse osmosis system to add minerals to the purified water.
It is a good product that I recommend.
I would not mention the name of the product.
I can assure you that this product works.