Reverse Osmosis System

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems. 

Get your own reverse osmosis system today!

Supply and installation of Reverse Osmosis System.

Reverse Osmosis Systems is the best. We only supply the highest quality reverse osmosis system on the market. The reverse osmosis system brand that we supply is been tested and comply to our high standards. We provide a three year warranty with every reverse osmosis system that we install. That is filters excluded.

• We do installations in the Gauteng region.
• The 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System is the best water filter system for the family.
• I know that the marketers sell any RO system from 3 stage up to 8 stage.
• Then they add a UV light as well to kill the bacteria.
• To add minerals is another good sales pitch for the health conscious person.
• Marketers of RO systems will make use of all kinds of marketing practices.
• All of them is to mislead you the client.
• They will not tell you the truth because they do not care about the truth.
• They just want to sell the Reverse Osmosis System as quick as possible.
• Any of their statements can’t be proof if you ask them why.
• They will only give you an answer that will influence you to buy.
• I will tell them in their faces for they do not tell the truth.
• They just tell what they was told by the supplier.
• That is to listen to the devil and believe every word.

When we supply and install a Reverse Osmosis System.

• First we look to the water source.
• Is it from the municipality or from a borehole.
• That is critical.
• Borehole water is contaminated that is a fact.
• Second what is the water pressure.
• Then where the Reverse Osmosis System must be installed.
• What is the best location and out of sun light.
• The location of the tap is discussed as-well.
• Then the approval from the owner.

Supply and installation 5 stage reverse osmosis systems.

• We are proud on our work ethic.
• The way we work and perform the installation.
• I do not send a person to your premises that do not know all and every fact about the ro system.
• If you want to know how the RO system works.
• We will explain in an understanding way how the system works.
• If you want the cheapest water filtration system you are at the wrong people.
• For home use only the 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System.
• Sent us an email to

Want to read about the Reverse Osmosis Standards?

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What about the reverse osmosis systems?

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Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis system inside a cupboard.