Water Purification System

Our water purification systems.

What water purification systems is the best?

Water Purification System

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  • The 5 stage reverse osmosis systems is the best for household use.
  • If you are serious about your health I would recommend that you get the 5 stage reverse osmosis system as soon as possible.
  • If you drink tap water from the municipality you put yourself and your families health in danger.
  • The reason I say that is because.
  • The municipality add treated sewerage water in our tap water.
  • The tap water people drink everyday.

Is there other water purifying systems?

  • Yes.
  • It all depends on what you want to achieve.
  • What you want to do with the water.
  • The water source also have a big influence in what system you must use.
  • Take to us if you want more information about water purification.


Do you supply  water purification systems?

Water Purification System

5 Stage reverse osmosis system

  • Yes, we are based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
  • We specialized in reverse osmosis systems but also for any other type of water system.
  • We supply, install and service water purification systems of all kinds.
  • We do not sell any water purification products or system over the counter.
  • We replace or install every product ourselves to ensure that the system works 100%.
  • We see ourselves as heath promoters and to give you a water purification product and not knowing how the system functioning is risky.
  • We are not water product salespeople we are practitioners that take our work very serious.
  • If you want any water product, to do the installation or repair yourself.
  • The advice that we can give you is: “You are at the wrong place”.
  • Our client’s health is important to us. It is not just you but your children, family and friends that will use that water.
  • Is purified water not to improve a person’s health?
  • If you can see what we found in the water samples of water systems that we service.
  • That is scary stuff.


What water purification system do you recommend?

Water Purification System

20″ Big Blue System

  • First of all is the 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • The second is the 20” Big Blue filtration system for the entire house.
  • Lastly is a UV light system that is additional to one of the above systems.
  • Any other water purification system or product is not to improve a person’s health.
  • What we talk about here is a 4 stage or a 6 to 8 stage reverse osmosis system.
  • That is only a rip-off.
  • It depends if the tap water is hard, then other type of water purification systems is required.
  • Our biggest concern is the tap water that is contaminated with all types of live organisms.
  • Yes Roundworms and other worms and many more to mentioned.
  • Just take a look to the photo section of the suburbs and see what we have found in the tap water.
  • This live organism that you see here comes from the sewerage treatment plants.
  • The government recycle that sewerage treated water into our tap water.
  • If this worms go through to our tap water.
  • What other types of organisms, chemicals and hormones is in our tap water.

Water Purification Systems – We Supply, Install, Service Reverse Osmosis Systems and Borehole water Purification Systems. Three Year Warranty. Advice, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding Areas.

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