RO 4 Way Valve Working

  • It works according the hydraulics principle.
  • Two types of water pressures are involved.
  • Top section is the low water pressure side.
  • Bottom side is the high water pressure side.

RO system Top section low water pressure side:

  • Have a big work surface for the low water pressure to push downwards.

RO system Bottom section high water pressure side:

RO 4 Way Valve Working

How the domestic reverse osmosis 4 way valve work.

  • Have a small work surface to push the plunger upwards.
  • This small work surface is in actual fact a cut-off mechanism.
  • When the top sections low water pressure reaches a certain pressure it push the plunger downwards.
  • The downwards pressure cut the inlet water off that flow from the three big filters towards the reverse osmosis membrane housing inlet.

4 way valve sensitivity:

  •  This parts housing is made of plastic.
  • The valve consists of 11 loose parts, of which 4 is steel screws.
  • There are two thin rubber seals that cut or open the water flow to the reverse osmosis system.
  • The outer housing and two inner mechanisms.
  • The two rubber seals are the most important part of the valve.
  • What happened is that even some installation people do not know the correct water pressure this seals can handle.
  • Yes if the water pressure is to high the water pressure tear this thin rubber seals.
  • I have found that the hole in the rubber seals could be so small that you could only see it if you hold it to the sun.
  • The smallest hole can prevent this valve from working properly.
  • If only one of the rubber seals is damage then the waste water will flow non-stop.
  • That is 24 hours a day for years if the service people do a good job they will spot the problem.
  • The problem is that the service people just replace the water filters and get the money and there they go.
  • They have never checked the system from beginning to end for any damaged for faulty parts

What would happen if this RO 4 Way Valve Working not correct?

RO 4 Way Valve Working

RO 4 Way Valve Working Information

  • Parasites and worms will be present in the reverse osmosis systems water tank.
  • Live organisms in the purified reverse osmosis water.
  • Waste water will flow 24/7/365 a year down the drain.
  • Money wasted from R2 000.00 to R3 500.00 per year.
  • 30% of our new clients how have a reverse osmosis system have roundworms and live organisms in there purified reverse osmosis water.

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