Reverse Osmosis Membrane Clogging

Reverse Osmosis Membrane clogging is when the dirt collected inside the membrane walls. Due to cheap low quality filters. Neglect the flashing when serviced.

What is reverse osmosis membrane clogging?

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Clogging

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Clogging Advice

It is what the word reverse osmosis membrane clogging means. The clogging of the reverse osmosis membrane. Nobody ask why do the membrane clogs up when there is three big water filters before the membrane. The water filters is replaced every year. The material that clogs the reverse osmosis membrane is nothing other than solids, live organisms like roundworms and then there is sludge from the treatment plant.

Is the reverse osmosis membrane that fine?

The membrane film is very fine and filters water to 0.0002 micron. That is fine. If you take the membrane apart you will see that the membrane consists of layers of film and a plastic sheet that let the water pass through the two layers of membrane film. If the water that enters the membrane housing is not clean then the material that is in the water gets stuck between the two membrane layers. With time, this accumulate and clog the membrane to an extend that no water can go through.

What can be done to prolong the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane?

There are a few factors that play a vital role:

  • High quality water filters.
  • The correct water filters.
  • The correct water filter layout.
  • The flushing of the reverse osmosis system on a regular basis.
  • Flashing of reverse osmosis system when it is been serviced.
  • The excessive water wastage.
  • Faulty reverse osmosis system part or product.
  • Low quality reverse osmosis system. Not ID-WATSS approved.
  • High water pressure.
  • Low water pressure.

 What is the solution to the reverse osmosis membrane clogging?

You are concern about the lifespan of the reverse osmosis systems membrane. The focus is to prevent any solids or living organisms like roundworms to be present in the reverse osmosis membrane housing or inside the membrane itself. The best you can do is to contact me. If you have any question concerning the reverse osmosis membrane.