Cleaning Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Cleaning Reverse Osmosis Membrane

flow restrictor valve


  • To cleaning reverse osmosis membrane is the best thing that you can do.
  • If you can do it once a month or every second will add years to the membranes lifespan.
  • To clean or to flush the reverse osmosis membrane is as follow:
  • You will notice that there is a blue or sometimes white thing that looks like an inline tap.
  • Turn it that it is in line with the pipeline that went into the inline tap.
  • Let the water flow for about 5 minutes.
  • Listen if you can hear the water flow through the waste pipe.
  • If the water do not want to flow out of the waste pipeline.
  • Open the faucet for just a few seconds and the close it again.
  • That will activate the waste water to flow out. It is important to listen for any water flow.
  • Close the inline water tap again and the water will stop flowing.
  • What you have just done is to flush all the dirt and sludge that have build-up between the membrane layers.


How to flush and cleaning reverse osmosis membrane:

Cleaning Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Cleaning reverse osmosis membrane

12 Steps to flush or cleaning reverse osmosis membrane.

  • Have a 5 litre bucket ready.
  • Check if waste water flows down the drain. If yes, look to waste water on the website.
  • Waste water does not flow. That is fine the shut-off valve works.
  • Close the tank valve.
  • Loosen the waste water pipe that leads to the drain pipe.
  • Loosen it before the flow restrictor valve.
  • Put the waste water pipeline in the bucket.
  • Open the faucet and let the water flow until there is 4 litre of water in the bucket.
  • Close the faucet.
  • When the waste water stop flowing put back in flow restrictor valve.
  • If waste water does not stop flowing bend the waste water pipeline to prevent water from flowing out and put back in place.
  • Open the tank valve.
  • The membrane is flushed or clean from sludge that was present in the membrane filter.


Is there a better way for cleaning reverse osmosis membrane?

  • Yes there is an easier and correct way to do this very important task.
  • Contact us to service your reverse osmosis system and we will show you step by step what to do.
  • Do not play with the health of your family by thinking to buy the cheap water filters from the local hardware store is a bright idea.
  • To be honest I think that was the most expensive decision that you have ever made in your live.
  • You will pay the price with the health of your family.
  • It is on your hands.
  • Your health is our wealth.


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