Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane is most of the time not really necessary. We believe there is no reason a reverse osmosis membrane must be replaced before 10 years. If a RO membrane is changed before 10 years it means the service people have used no name brand or cheap low quality filters. Yes the service people have cost you money. They do not know the difference between a no name brand and a high quality product.

How often should I changing the Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane information

You want to know how often I should change the reverse osmosis membrane. What is the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane? The people in the industry say every 3 to 5 years. The membrane is the heart of the reverse osmosis system. Let me first explain when and why you must replace the membrane. The membrane is layers of filter media that’s been rolled around a shaft with holes in where the purified water flows through to the tank. What happened is the sludge and foreign material go through the three big filters that they replace every year. The service providers use the filters that are available in the market.  They do not know a thing about the different types and quality of the filters. What they are focusing on is the amount of services that they can do during a day. The quicker they replace the filters the better for them. To replace the reverse osmosis systems filters is not just replacing the filters. There is a big difference between replacing filters and service the reverse osmosis system. To service a reverse osmosis system is to replace the filters. Then you start from the inlet and went through every stage of the system to inspect and test every part to established if it still functioning correctly.

The membrane must be flushed with every service. This is very important for it prolong the lifespan of the membrane dramatically. One major setback to the lifespan of the reverse osmosis systems membrane is the cheap low quality water filters that the service people use.

The water filters that we use are about three times the price of those that they use.

With all the foreign mater in the membrane it solidifies and stops the water from flowing through the membrane. The water will stop flowing through the membrane. At times the water will still flow through the membrane but the membrane will not let water through the membrane that is purified. No water goes through the fine layers of the membrane that separate and purify the water.


How do I test the Membrane function?

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane photo of cut-through


Close the tank valve and open the faucet. Look to the water that flow out of the faucet, if the water forms a constant flow of about 30 mm and then start droplets. If the water flow is longer than 30 mm it could be that the inlet water pressure to the reverse osmosis system is higher than 400 kPa. Higher inlet water pressure than 400 kPa will damage some parts of the system in the long run and that would mean thousands of litres that flow down the drain through the waste pipe. You will not even notice the water wastage. Measure the water that comes out of the faucet. Millilitre per minute. This will tell me all I want to know about the system. The amount of water that flow per minute can tell me a lot about the system and the membrane. If you have measure the water flow through the faucet please emails it to me and I will tell you the status of your system. Remember, Close tap on-top of tank and measure water flow at faucet. That’s all.

A reverse osmosis systems membrane can last years if the filters that you use are of high quality. That will save you money and you will have peace of mind. If you use the correct water filters and a part is malfunctioning. You will not get this creatures in that are in the photos.

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane when needed.

Changing Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Photo of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane cut-through.

The reverse osmosis systems membrane is an expensive item when it must be replaced. When you change the systems membrane every 6 or 7 years. It is not the membrane that is at fault but the service people that do not know their products. They also use low quality cheap water filters.

We believe a membrane can last at least 10 years and more.