• The reverse osmosis  water purifying systems yearly service price is R700.00.
  • The reverse osmosis water purifying systems yearly service is been done according to the ID-WATSS standards.
  • This service is a very important service for it is been done once a year.
  • That is the reason that the reverse osmosis system must be inspect from the inlet tap to the waste outlet and the faucet opening.
  • The testing of every parts functioning is critical.

What can I expect for the Reverse Osmosis Yearly Service Price?

  • Service includes 3 specific types  of replacement filters.
  • Service conducted once a year.
  • Service of reverse osmosis system takes 1 ½ hour to 2 hours.
  • Five (5) tests been done and documented.
  • If reverse osmosis system is not functioning correct then seven (7) tests is conducted and documented.
  • ID-WATSS approved products is been used.
  • Highest quality products on the market available is been used.
  • price of products is not a factor.
  • Every part is tested for the correct functioning of that part.
  • We do not repair any prat that do not work correct.
  • We replace parts that do not functioning correctly.
  • Parts that's been replaced is been thrown away.
  • No secondhand part is ever been used for that is a problem part that will cost the client in the long run.
  • Not to talk about our reputation.
  • We are proud and serious about our products and services.

Types of domestic reverse osmosis water filters been used:

  • Only ID-WATSS approved and tested products.
  • Best quality water filters on the market available.
  • Information regarding what type of water filters that we use is for our clients to know.

Duration of a domestic reverse osmosis system service:

  • 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.
  • To test reverse osmosis system functionality.
  • Rectify any faulty parts.
  • Work strictly according ID-WATSS standards.

Do you want to know something about the Reverse Osmosis Yearly Service Prices?

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