Reverse Osmosis After Sales Service

New systems installed by Tap Water SA must comply with certain requirements.

  • The three year warranty on reverse osmosis systems is only applicable if Tap Water SA supply and install the system.
  • We only use tested and approved reverse osmosis systems that we can get on the market.
  • ID-WATSS approved the reverse osmosis systems that are measured to the standards they have set.
  • If you are serious about your health then it is advised that you take a good look to the tap water quality.
  • You can read more about the close water system on this website.
  • When you get a reverse osmosis system you then have the purist of water you can get.
  • Not even the water that they sell in shops is that clean.
  • You can believe me on that one.
  • Even if it states that it is reverse osmosis and ozonised.

Serious about our products. 

Reverse Osmosis after sales service:

  • The product is the most important device that must comply with quality and durability requirements.
  • We do not take any reverse osmosis system and install it.
  • No there is some designs and brands that we would not use because it will not withstand our three years warranty.
  • If we can‘t give you a three years warranty then you can always get a one year warranty from other suppliers.

Serious about our reputation.

  • If we can’t stand behind our services and warranty of our products.
  • Then we are like the rest of the pact.
  • We are not like the rest, we are above the rest.
  • Tell us who can give you a three years warranty on a reverse osmosis system.
  • We have the reputation of the authority in the reverse osmosis industry when it comes to the household.

We service the domestic reverse osmosis system yearly:

  • The reverse osmosis system must be serviced once a year.
  • Four reverse osmosis water filters is been replaced with every service that we do.
  • No exception on the rule. Six tests are done when the Reverse Osmosis system is serviced.
  • This is important to ensure that the when the reverse osmosis system is been serviced.
  • That is to ensure that the system is functioning correctly.
  • Every part in the reverse osmosis system has a specific function and if it does not work properly.
  • That can cost the client thousands.
  • The smallest part is just as important as the membrane or even filters.
  • The duration of the service duration is usually between, 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

Why the after sales service for water treatment systems?

RO After Sales Service

Domestic reverse osmosis systems after sales service

  • Ensure that the reverse osmosis system function according  standards.
  • Ensure that reverse osmosis system filters is replaced correct.
  • That the correct order of the filters and only high quality filters is been used.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane is flushed when yearly service is been done.
  • This is to ensure that any sludge that is accumulated between the membrane layers is been removed.
  • Reduce any excessive waste water flow that may be from the malfunctioning of a damaged part.
  • Ensure the purified reverse osmosis water is clean and pure, free from any contamination like organisms.
  • Ensure that no worms or parasites are in purified reverse osmosis water.