Reverse Osmosis Service Information

Reverse Osmosis Service Information

Domestic reverse osmosis service information

  • Discuss the yearly service of the reverse osmosis system.
  • What water filters to use.
  • Water wastage prevention.
  • Tests of reverse osmosis system.
  • What to look for.

Yearly domestic reverse osmosis service information regarding the water filters:

  • Three big water filters at bottom of unit.
  • One (T33) taste and odour water filter.
  • The three consist of two activated carbon water filters.
  • One sediment water filter.
  • The four water filters must be replaced every year.
  • No exception.
Reverse Osmosis Service Information

Reverse Osmosis Service Information

Duration of a quality service compare to a poor workmanship service.

Quality service:

  • Take 1 ½ to 2 hours.
  • Wash the water filter housings inside and top as well.
  • Replace the taste and odour filter.
  • Empty the tank.
  • Measure the tank…….
  • Inflate tank if ……..
  • Test the inlet …….
  • Test the …..and …..and…..and….and…..
  • Log all information.

Poor workmanship service:

Reverse Osmosis Service Information

Mineral replacement filters (FAKE)

  • Replace three water filters.
  • In and out in less than 30 minutes.
  • Replace taste and odor every second or third year.
  • Have on critical information about the reverse osmosis system.

Does it matter if I use any type of water filters?

  • Yes it matters.
  • Do you know the quality of the water filters?
  • Is it ID-WATSS approved?
  • Do you believe what the salesperson told you?
  • Do you think he know anything about the products?
  • The water filters that you get at the shops are not ID-WATSS approved.
  • ID-WATSS approved water filters or products are not sold over the counter.
  • An accredited ID-WATSS technician only installs ID-WATSS approved products.
  • Low grade water filters will cost you money on the long run.
  • It is not effective.
  • No ID-WATSS accredited technician may use any other products than ID-WATSS approved products.
  • The ID-WATSS approved products were tested for quality, design, effectiveness.

Does the quality of the water filters differ?

  • There is high quality water filters and;
  • There are low grade water filters. Quality can’t be mentioned here.
  • There are a few factors that play a vital role in the quality of water filters.
  • The most important is the health factor of our clients.