Reverse Osmosis Water Smell Like Sewerage


My Reverse Osmosis Water Smell like Sewerage a Few Times. There Are Two Things That Can Lead to This Type of Problem. Reverse osmosis not use for a long time. The other problem real sewerage in the water. The water in the system have been standing still and with all the sludge and live parasites that is present in the membrane and the filters, this starts to decompose and that is the sewerage small that you smell. Replace filters. Wash membrane and use Dettol. Put some Dettol in every filter housing, and the membrane housing.

Why is my reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage?

Reverse Osmosis Water Smell Like Sewerage

Why is my reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage?

I have found this type of problems of reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage a few times. There are two things that can lead to this type of problem.

If you want to solve the problem, I will help you but you must contact me or log-in for this information. I do not want the other suppliers to learn from me.

First problem with the reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage is:

The system wasn’t been used for a while. Say about a month or so. When people getting older they tend to use less water. Sometimes it is to safe water. This system is not for the image or the show. It is to work, to produce purified water. If you don’t use the system on a daily basis then it will start to give problems. My advice is when you take water. Please do not use a glass at a time. Get a five litre container and fill it up. The reason for that is to let the system work for a while. If you use a glass at a time you waste a lot of water. When the system reaches the cut-off-point it wastes the most water. If you use a glass or five litres, it will use the same amount of waste water to reach the cut-off-point. Use, use use the system. Use the water in the iron, kettle to make food, in the steamer. Everything that use water and where lime can accumulate. Read the cleaning process.

Second problem with the reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage is:

This is a result of poor workmanship. I will not mention what they did wrong. This occurs when a person work on the systems that knows nothing about the system. Pipelines that have been mess up. Wrong pipe at the wrong connection is another possibility. A person who knows the system inside out must repair the problem. There is a great deal of work that must be done.

Clean-up of the reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage:

Reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage

A Big Live Roundworm in the Presence of Sludge from the Sewerage Treatment Plant.

You must know that this rotten water is in the reservoir. You must drain the reservoir and rinse it. Then you take a syringe and inject some Dettol or savlon in the reservoir opening and pump some water in the reservoir. Shake the reservoir and turn it up-side down. Let the water flow out of the reservoir. Inject some Dettol in again and close the tap of the reservoir. Clean the membrane by pulling it out of the membrane housing. When pulling the membrane out you must first give it a turn to the left and right. Now put it out. Wash it with warm soap water with Dettol in. the Dettol kills all the bacteria and parasites that in the membrane. Wash and clean every part. Replace the filters. The taste and odour included.


There is another reason why the reverse osmosis water smells like sewerage. If you contact me or email me I will deal this information with you. Only on that basis! If I give all the information on this page how will I know how many people have the problem. Your problem will be solved if I tell you what the reason is. Guarantied!



Reverse osmosis System Warranty

Reverse osmosis water smell like sewerage.

Do not do it yourself. Get a person who know the system and who have the knowledge and tools to do the job. The DIY is the biggest mistake when it comes to the reverse osmosis system. Please if you are a DIY person do not call me with your mishaps. It is like giving a loaded gun to a toddler.


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