Reverse osmosis water good

Is Reverse osmosis water good for me?

Reverse osmosis water good

Is Reverse osmosis water good for me?

You have asked, is reverse osmosis water good for me because people tell me that it is depleted from all minerals. Yes, the reverse osmosis system removes all the minerals out of the water. If the system have the correct filters in it would removes the parasites from the system. The problem is that we find that 30% of our new clients have parasites (roundworms) in there purified water from the reverse osmosis system. Shocking!

The question is what minerals are we talking about?

If you read about the minerals in the ground you will find that the mineral content in the ground is so depleted that it is a big problem. Let’s first get it straight. The minerals in the water come from the ground. The trees and plants absorb the minerals from the water and deposit it in the fruit. You eat the fruit and get the minerals in. our bodies cannot absorb the minerals, if you have roots as the plants have you would be able to absorb the minerals from the water. Get it! We humans get our minerals from food and vegetables that we eat. End of story.

Reverse Osmosis Water Good For Human Consumption? Yes Water is Pure and Clean, the Best. VerSus Tap Water, Chemicals, Hormones, Medicines, Parasites, Roundworms.

Reverse osmosis water good versus tap water:

Reverse osmosis water good

Large Roundworm from tap water with sludge from the sewerage treatment plant.

Reverse osmosis water is clean, pure, and free from chemicals, bacteria, parasites like Roundworms. The fact that the water is free from minerals is nothing compare to the stuff that is really in the tap water closed recycle process. You do not get minerals from water but from the food and vegetables that you eat. Trees get their minerals from the water not humans.

Tap water is contaminated with harmful chemicals, hormones from people, parasites, bacteria, viruses from the sewerage treatment plants; because the sewerage water is been recycle in a close process. What about the HIV medicine?

Hormones in the tap water:

Look to the girls that reach puberty at a very young age. Why mother is this happening? What are you doing about this? Nothing!  What about the men that gets this type of hormones in? Is it good for the humans to get these hormones in on a daily basis?

Contamination of Parasites like Roundworms:

Reverse osmosis water good

Big fat Live Worm With Sludge From Sewerage Treatment Plant.

In every water sample that we took we have found Roundworms in. There was not one water sample that was free from Roundworms or any other type of parasites. This comes from the sewerage water treatment plants. The parasites like the Roundworms pass through the process. The question what else do pass through the process? Yes they say that the water is been treated with chlorine to kill this parasites. The problem is that we have found that the Roundworm is alive and well in tap water that has a very strong chlorine smell. The acids in your stomach is hundreds of times stronger than the chlorine in the tap water.


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