Minerals Removed

Minerals Removed

minerals removed from tap water is not bad for humans.

Do people need minerals removed from the water, but the amount that we get from water is so small that we break our heads over nothing. We get most of it from the food and vegetables that we eat. If you feel or hear any person say that you need the minerals. Tell then that you take mineral supplements daily. Then do it. If you look to the photos on this website. The question is. Do you really want to take these parasites in just for that small amount of minerals?
I recommend that you copy “activated sludge microorganisms” or “activated sludge bacteria” and Google it. Now you will not drink the tap water.
There is a big misconception that we obtain enough minerals from our drinking water. This is actually not true. In reality, the main source of minerals is always from our food and vegetables, not from our drinking water. To receive enough minerals for your body, you would need to drink a full bathtub of water every day. Do you think it feasible? Do you think your doctor will prescribe you a “bathtub of water” if you are deficient in minerals?
Keep in mind that water contains only inorganic minerals. It can actually be detrimental to human health. Your body would have a hard time processing inorganic minerals. If you had roots like a tree then you would be able to absorb most of the minerals. Organic minerals which are abundant in food are much easier to absorb and preferred by our bodies because they do not contain toxic minerals.

Can you answer a question about the Minerals Removed from the water, and the mineral replacement filters?

Yes, the minerals removed is good and bad minerals. A mineral replacement filter is not the answer for there is no proof of what type of minerals this filter replace. Do not believe the claim from a sales person for he do not know what minerals it replace. Any person can put a label on an item. this type of filters is fake products and we call them money wasters.
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Minerals Removed

minerals removed from water is not important.


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