• This whole house water system section is to show our clients what they can expect to find in the whole house water system filters.
  • That is only when the people who service and supply them with the correct filters.
  • The change is very big that this stuff that you see on this section will still be in your water that you use.
  • If you have any doubt about it please make contact with us.

What will the house water system prevent from going through? 

  • I can say that it will be about 80% that this parasites will be in the water that you use.
  • The problem is that every person how wants to start something new start with water purifying systems.
  • They know nothing about the systems or the products.
  • They are smooth talkers with no knowledge about the products. Before you buy a system phone us and find out more about the systems.
  • It is always better to get a reverse osmosis system before looking for a whole house system.
  • The whole house water system is more money for the supplier but is it the best option for the client?

What do you find in the systems water samples?

  • Roundworms are by far the most abundant parasite or living organisms that we find.
  • If I take a sample on the microscope glass, let’s say 10 drops then there can be anything between 80 to 200 roundworms on that one sample.
  • You must remember that I take my water sample to get the most living organisms in it.
  • It has no meaning to take a sample where you will not get one organism at all.
  • There is a specific way I take the sample for maximum results.
  • If the standard is that there must not be any live organisms in 10 liters of water.
  • Then it is the same with 100 liters of water.
  • People will say that it is not correct to do it that way.
  • I say that you must take a sample the way a child would drink water from a tap.
  • That way you will find if the child get parasites in or not.

Is the house water system effective?

  • No it it not effective.
  • The filters that they use is of no value.
  • The roundworms and other parasites still go through.
  • The chemicals and minerals also go through.
  • I would not use the house water system for any filtration purposes.
  • The best is to get a 5 stage reverse osmosis system.
House water system
House water system