Reverse Osmosis System Services

Tell me about the Reverse Osmosis System Services.

Do you do reverse osmosis system services?

  • The reverse osmosis system services are done once a year.
  • We have found that with our water filters we can service a system even every 16 to 18 months.
  • The last water filter of the three big filters is still white and free from sludge as the other filters is that is been used by our competitors.
  • We do not use any type of water filters we use only the best and tested filters.
  • The water filters that we use is according to our standards.

 Explain the reverse osmosis system services.

reverse osmosis system services

discussion of reverse osmosis system services that’s been done by Tapwater SA, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Service is done on a yearly basis.
  • The cost involved is R 700.00.
  • Service includes 4 water filters.
  • 5 different tests is been done to ensure that the water purifying system function correctly.
  • The duration of the service is 1 ½ to 2 hours.
  • Service time never 20 minutes.
  • To service a water purifying system in 20 minutes is to replace the three filters and take the money.
  • There is tests that must be done.
  • The membrane must be flushed.


Types of  water filters used during the reverse osmosis system services:Reverse Osmosis System Services

  • We act on the presence of chlorine, parasites, bacteria and chemicals that is in the tap water.
  • Parasites are a problem even if you can smell the chlorine in the water, you can know the Roundworms is still alive in the water.
  • Bacteria is been prevented from going through our filters and the membrane.
  • Roundworms is present in the reverse osmosis system and been blocked by our filters from entering the membrane area.
  • Taste and smell is been rectify by the small filter after the membrane.
  • Types of filters are not mentioned for misused information by other suppliers and marketers.
  • Our filters that we use are the best in the industry, for their specific type of application.


Is there living organisms and roundworms in tap water?

reverse osmosis system services

Photo of large worm found in Pretoria Tap water

  • live organisms and Worms present in the tap water comes from sewerage treatment plants.
  • Roundworms from humans waste that is present in the sewerage treatment plants.
  • Living organisms have food to stay alive and waiting to find a host to live in. May be you.
  • Chlorine does not harm some of the parasites for instance the Roundworm.
  • There is food in the tap water for the bacteria and worms to live on.
  • If the chlorine does not kill the organisms then they will not be killed in your stomach by the acids present.


I want to know more about the reverse osmosis system services.


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