Garsfontein Tap Water

  • This is one of the photos that you would get once in a life time.
  • I was glad that I had the camera at hand.
  • The women were not impressed when she saw these active live Roundworms.
  • It is actually the first and only time that I saw so many Roundworms together.
  • This Garsfontein tap water sample, taken from a reverse osmosis systems membrane incoming area.
  • That is after the three big water filters.
  • That was low quality filters.

Garsfontein Tap water sample.

Garsfontein Tap Water

Image of the best Reverse osmosis system.

  • This photo was taken in Garsfontein, Pretoria.
  • The roundworms that you see comes out of the reverse osmosis systems membrane housing after the three big filters that is been replaced every year.
  • Why is this stuff in there?
  • Because the service people used wrong filters.
  • What happened:
  • I was busy to service the reverse osmosis system at a new client.
  • I took my microscope with.
  • I set the microscope up and collect a water sample from the membrane.
  • I then put a sample on the microscope.
  • The client comes in and asks.
  • What is this for?
  • I told her that she can sit down and take a look to her water under the microscope.
  • I went on with the service and the next moment.
  • A scream!
  • There she has 11 Roundworms under the microscope in one spot.
  • I crab the camera and take photos and a video clip.
  • This is in the water from the Garsfontein suburb.
  • If you drink tap water have a good wormy day.
  • This is not a joke!
  • This is serious business.
  • If you have a reverse osmosis system, don’t think your water is safe.
  • If your service providers do not know about this.
  • You will be worse off, say they replace the filters every year.
  • They do it in 20 minutes.
  • I can give you the assurance that your system can be one of the 30% that we find have worms and parasites in.
  • 80% that your system waste water runs 24/7 that will result in thousands of rands wasted down the drain. SERIOUS!
    If you do not believe me please, stay with them.
  • We work strictly according the standards that ID-WATSS have set down.
  • ID-WATSS stand for International Domestic- Water and Treatment Systems Standards.
  • Be sure you win and not be a loser.

Garsfontein Tap Water, act now and tell your friends.


  • With pure clean water.
  • A system that works optimal.
  • Products that is approved.
  • Filters that do the work.
  • No parasites or foreign material in the membrane.
  • A membrane that would last years.
  • Safe money and water with a system that do not waste water unnecessary.
  • Waste water is controlled.
  • Test been done on system with every service.
  • Service providers who care about my health.
  • Inform the client of all the tests been done.
  • Explain the test results and what influence it has.


  • Purified water of unsure nature.
  • A system that works 24/7 for the drain.
  • Grey and poor quality products.
  • Filters that is not worth using.
  • Excessive waste water from the reverse osmosis system.
  • Thousands for rands wasted down the drain.
  • Worms and parasites in the purified water.
  • Replacement of the membrane every few years.
  • No test is available from the service providers.
  • I know nothing about the quality of the system.
  • Type your questions in the search application on the top right hand corner of this page.
  • It will show you where you can find the answer.
  • You just click on the file and it will open where your question is been discussed.
  • I recommend that you copy activated sludge microorganisms” or “activated sludge bacteria and Google it.
  • Please leave us some information; what did you think of the website and where we can improve.
  • If you are serious about your health, take action. 
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