Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos

  • Gauteng tap water sample photos was mostly taken from the Pretoria region.

    Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos

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  • Gauteng is one of the nine provinces of South Africa.
  • This is where the website business namely Tap Water SA is located.
  • Our office is in a suburb called Wonderboom South.
  • It is an old suburb in Pretoria.
  • The water supply infrastructure was upgraded in 2014.
  • From here we will visit every town in South Africa and put their water samples on this website.
  • Every person in South Africa have the constitutional right to know if there water is safe to drink and what is in the water.
  • We show you as it is.
  • If you have any doubt about this photos.
  • Find a person who has a reverse osmosis system or any other type of water filtration system in your suburb and we will take a water sample in your presence.
  • We want to take a sample from the filter housings where the parasites accumulate.
  • We take the tap water sample in your presence and look under the microscope there on the premises.
  • There on the spot we will proof it to you.
  • The problem in South Africa is that the government do what they want to do.
  • No one take responsibility of their department.
  • Raw sewerage flows in rivers and dams where our tap water comes from.
  • If you Google for live organisms in fresh water or tap water you will NOT find any of these live organisms.
  • I recommend that you copy “activated sludge microorganisms” or “activated sludge bacteria” and Google it.
  • Yes it is present in sewerage plants.

Why are this live organisms and parasites in the tap water?

  • Rand Water supply bulk water of a very high quality to the government.
  • The government in turn distribute the bulk water to the different municipalities and suburbs.
  • Keep in mind that the municipalities are in actual fact, government.
  • When we mention government we refer to any part or section of the government.
  • The government have the responsibility to ensure that the public gets clean water.
  • They have another problem.
  • Sewerage that must be treated and then recycled.
  • They treat the sewerage water but instead of pumping it into a river.
  • Their rather pump it into our tap water supply.

Why do they pump treated sewerage water in our drinking water supply?

  • The government goes from the standpoint that the sewerage treated water is clean and that it is suitable for human consumption.
  • You must remember all the chemicals, poisons, human faeces, hormones and medicines is been flushed down the toilet.
  • This is the sewerage treated water.
  • Do you think they remove the stuff from the sewerage water?
  • If they confirm and say yes.
  • Then my next question will be, but why is the live sewerage treatment plant organisms and parasites in the tap water?

Visit the Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos at the index below.

  • Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos:
  • Photos From Suburbs Tap Water Samples Taken From Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems when Services Were Done.


Pretoria Central Western Tap Water Sample Photo Index:


Mountain View Water Sample

Park Town

Philip Nel Park water sample

Roseville water sample

Pretoria East Tap water sample suburb list:

Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos


Pretoria North East Tap Water Sample Photo Index:

 Magalieskruin Tap Water

Montana Tap Water 

Riviera Tap Water

Villeria Tap Water

Waverley Tap Water

Rietfontein Tap Water

Wonderboom South Tap Water

Kilner Park Tap Water

Gezina Tap Water

Annlin Tap Water

Roodeplaat Dam TapWater

Rietondale Tap Water

East Lynne Tap Water

Queenswood Tap Water

Sable Hills Estate Tap Water


Pretoria North West Tap Water Sample photo Index:

Amandasi g Tap Water

Claremont Tap Water

Capitalpark Tap Water

Dorandia Tap Water 

Eloffsdal Tap Water

Hermanstad Tap Water

Pretoria Gardens Tap Water

Theresapark Tap Water


Pretoria South Tap Water Sample Photo Index:


Region of Pretoria


Waterkloof Ridge

Waterkloof water sample

Gauteng Tap Water Sample Photos

This is a Roundworm that we have found in the Tap Water of Pretoria, Gauteng. The Roundworm is Abundant in Borehole water as-well.



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