• Tap water photo on this website were taken from the reverse osmosis systems filter housings.
  • Photo’s taken by us and represent a suburb as it is named.

Tap Water Photo Section.


Image of 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with contact information.

  • The photo’s on this website were taken from the reverse osmosis systems membrane.
  • If it was taken at another location, it will be mentioned.
  • The reason that I focus on photo’s and video clips is that a picture say a thousand words.
  • I do not point a finger to any person of body.
  • The photos were taken by me under a microscope.
  • Not one of the photo’s was downloaded from another source other than my camera.

Live Organisms in suburbs drinking water.

  • Every suburb represents those locations photo’s that were taken from the water samples.
  • Honesty here is very critical.
  • You will notice that there are 6 or 8 photo’s on one page.
  • That is to keep the files as small as possible.
  • If your suburb photo’s are not on the website be patient it will get on when I service in that suburb.
  • I do not put all the photo’s of every suburb on the section.
  • Sometimes I take up-to 300 photo’s of one suburb.
  • I then take the best ones.
  • The Roundworm is so abundant that I just put one or two on.
  • With every water sample that I take is up-to a few hundred roundworms in one sample.
  • The things is alive and some moving fast.
  • That is time consuming to photograph them.
  • The photo’s on this website is of low quality to put it on the website and it must still open fast.


  • This section is of photo’s that I put on that website.
  • The photos on that website are of high quality.All you have to do is click on one photo in that section and it will automatically open in that website.
  • If you want to find your suburb just type the name in the “search application on the Top Right hand Corner “of this page.
  • It will show you if it exist.
  • Just log on the suburb name and it will open the suburb.
  • If you have any question log-in at the bottom of this page and we will answer it.
  • You can contact me at 082 269 0210 or email: .

Photo, let mouse slide on Photo to Gauteng, to Pretoria East, to Garsfontein. 90% of this photos come from the reverse osmosis systems membrane after the three big filters.


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