DIY Water Systems

Looking for the DIY Water Systems shop.

The DIY Water Systems Shop.

  • If you are the DIY type of person then the DIY water systems shop is just the place for you.
  • The prices are just above retailer prices and the people at the shop stands ready to give you advice on your water related problems.

Cape Town DIY Water Systems Shop.

  • That is correct.
  • Cape Town has a DIY water systems shop.
  • The shop is located at 57 Barnard street, Oakdale.
  • If you are serious about water systems then you have to talk to them.

DIY Water Systems Services.

  • If you want some part or product, they will get it for you and even deliver it at your doorstep.
  • They will also assist you with your water testing report.
  • Yes, the report sometimes makes no sense.
  • They make live a lot easier.
  • I have sent my water report to them and they provide me with the information regarding my report.
  • They even send me another report explaining every element that have an impact on my water quality.

DIY Water System.

  • Why pay somebody money to install the water system?
  • You can do it yourself.
  • When you buy a water system they would provide you with everything you need, from pipes, fittings and the installations advice for the system.
  • They are promoters of the DIY practice.