Well points are the cheapest form of natural water that you can get.

What is a well point?

A well point is made where there is sand.
You can make a well point where there is clay or rocks or even lime.
Well point is made with water that is forced through a pipe while it is been pushed downwards.
The water forces the sand to the surface on the outside of the pipe.
The people that do the wellpoint look for a type of white sand.
The moment the sand appears they stop.
The next step is to lower a PVC pipe in the steel pipe.
The steel pipe is then lifted out of the hole.
The PVC pipe is then secured in the ground and a pump is then connected to the PVC pipe.
The pump is then primed till the water flow from the pipe.

Difference between a well point and a borehole?

A well point pump is above the ground and a borehole pump is in the hole.
The borehole has a sleeve and a well point doesn’t have one.
The borehole pump can be removed and replaced in the hole.
The well point pipe is fixed and once it is removed a new well point must be drilled.

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Well Points