Well point water usage in the Cape region is a popular gardening irrigation practice.
Well point water was for too long not used to its full potential.
I’m not talking about water your garden.
No I’m talking about using the well point water for your daily use.
Things like washing your clothes, bathing and even drinking.
There is no need that you can’t use the well point water.

Safe well point Water.

The only safe well point water is the well point water that’s been tested and the action that was taken to rectify any problem areas.
You can have large volumes of water from your well point but it could be used due to some elements that are harmful to your health.
Not to talk about the brown stains the water of some well points caused.

Well point Water advice.

Only use the well point water for gardening purposes if the water was not tested at an accredited laboratory.
The well point water can look clean and even taste good.
That is not to say that there are no heavy metals or bacteria in.

Well point Water quality.

Well point water quality various from good to water that is unsafe for human consumption.
That is before you find out that we could help you to treat the water that it could become safe for human consumption.

Well point Water treatment.

The treatment of well point water is a complexed exercise.
The believe that water from underground is the best you can get is a misconception.
Yes it is free from the chemicals that are in abundance in the tap water.
The elements that you find in well point water is natural elements that can be treated with the correct application it would be safe for human consumption.


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