Information about Well point Drilling.

About well point drilling.

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This section is all about the information clients need when the want to drill a borehole or a well point.
There is important information that the drilling contractors would not tell their clients.
They just want to get the job and make as much money out of the client as possible.
They inform the client that the big volumes of water are most of the time below a certain level.
That is partially true but there is another factor that they would never tell the client.
The quality of the water.
That is a big problem.
The water is most of the time of a poor quality.
Yes, we are talking about water that contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Iron and Manganese.
These six elements is a nightmare to treat.
The next landmine is the sales people that know nothing about the different methods to treat the water.
Landmine number one is when Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and chloride is present in the water.
The salesperson would recommend a softener system.
Out of the question! Do not talk to that sales person.
They do not know what they are talking about.

Well point drilling assistance for our clients.

Get drilling contractors that have the interest of the client at heart.
Not the money they can rob the client off.
We decided to add some contractors that do well point drilling.
The contractors that we recommend focus on fairness and the best option for their clients.

Well point drilling information.

Well point drilling information can be found on the website To drill a borehole or a well point in the cape region is complicated when it comes to the quality of the water.

There is some important information people needs to know. Information that could save them thousands of rands. We will assist you with advice on what to look for and the implications of every option.

What about the Well point Drilling Package?

We have a contractor that provide a Well point Drilling Package.
The best is to talk to the person.
His name is Raymond.
Contact number is 081 234 1961

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Well point Drilling