I need some water treatment advice. There is no shortage of advice on nearly anything you may experience. The problem is the advice of any value? This is the same with water treatment advice. These days everyone is an expert in the Western Cape regarding the treatment or water. My advice is to stay away from any person that thinks they know something but in actual fact know nothing. Stay away from sales people at shops that sell the water systems. The reason is below.


Best water treatment advice.

Never take any advice from a sales person in shops because they can only advice you with the information that the suppliers provide them with. That advice is to sell more of their worthless stuff. For the best water treatment advice, go and find a person that does the water installations every day. People that are hands on. Please don’t take advice from irrigation, handyman or swimming pool people. Ask the person whom you asking for advice if they can give you a few references. He will be able to give it to you there on the spot. Don’t accept any references if he must first go and look for them at the office. If he knows his work then his clients would not be offended if you contact them. They would be pleased to assist you.

How to get water treatment advice.

Get only advice from people that do installations every day. Ask for references there on the spot. If he can’t give it on the spot don’t bother. Contact the references.   If the person has good references then he would provide them to you. Ask for a reference with the same water problem that you have.

You can even talk to me.

Water Treatment Advice
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