Information for Testing well point water

Testing the well point water.

It is important that you testing your well point water quality.
If you know what the quality of your well point water is you would know if it is safe for human consumption or not.

Testing the well point or borehole water.

How you go to testing the water is as follow.
The first item on the menu is “water test form”.
Download that page and print it out.
Mark all the elements to be tested.
Take a 1.5 litre water sample from the well point.
Take the water sample and the form to the laboratory.
If there is not a laboratory near you, you could courier it to “Water lab” in Pretoria.
The test results would take between 7 and 10 working days from the time they receive the water sample.
When you receive the water test results you can email the report to us.
We would then assist you with the water report.

Testing the quality of your well point water.

It is important that you know the quality of your well point water.
If you are the owner of a guest house or a venue where people use well point or borehole water it is critical that you know the status of your water supply at all times.
That would save you from any legal action that you could face due to unsafe water.

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