Tell us more about Cape Town Well Points.

Cape Town Well point information.

If you want any well point information for the Cape Town region, you are on the correct website.
We would assist and help you with any well point or borehole water problem that you may experience.
Cape town is the region in South Africa that has the most well points.
If you have any question feels free to contact us.
The first thing we are going to ask is if you have any water testing results.
If not.
We would not help or advice you on anything regarding the well point or borehole.

Cape Town Well point treatment.

Cape Town Well point treatment is not the same as any other borehole or well point treatment in South Africa.
The well point water is complex.
It is a combination of elements that is together that makes it very difficult to treat.
Be aware if any person advice you to make use of a water softener.
In 80% of the time you would waste your money.
Yes that is correct!

Water softener and well point water.

Is Calcium, magnesium, Sodium and Chloride present in your well point or borehole water sample?
If yes!
Talk to us.
This is a combination of elements that is difficult to treat.
You must know what to do and what not.
The water softener is out of the question.
It would not work.
If any person say that it would work let them proof it.

Cape Town Well point water usage.

Cape Town well point water usage is big in demand.
The problem is that the well point water needs special treatment systems to get the water quality to the standard that it is safe for human consumption.
The best option is to talk to us.
We don’t sell systems over the counter; we design and install systems that would work for your specific water