What is the borehole water Western Cape like?

Borehole water in the Western Cape.

The borehole water in the Western Cape is an important course of water now during the water restrictions the people must comply to. Yes I know that all the water belong to the state.  The fact is that the borehole water is still to your disposal. If you don’t make use of this wonderful source then you have yourself to blame.

Borehole water Quality in the Western Cape.

What is the borehole water Quality in the Western Cape? The borehole water quality in the Western Cape differs from area to area. Of all the water analysis that I have received, I can say that the borehole water on the slopes of the mountain in the Constantia area is of a good quality. I don’t say that it is the best but on average it requires the minimum treatment. What saddened me is when I get a water analysis and you can hear the person on the other side of the line is desperate and you see the Sodium level in the water is high. This is one of the problems that are very expensive to treat.

Treatment of borehole water in the Western Cape.

Treatment of borehole water in the Western Cape requires a clear knowledge of the water quality and the different water treatment practises. There is no such thing as one system treats all types of water. I know that there are some people that sell industrial reverse osmosis systems with the advice to their clients that the system is the answer. This can be a very expensive exercise.

Water Treatment with an industrial reverse osmosis system.

I saw some adverts on fb of some people that sell the industrial reverse osmosis systems as the alternative that would solve your borehole or well point water problems. This is not the case. I just wat to bring some information under your attention where the industrial reverse osmosis system is not effective. If the water’s total hardness is higher than 80, this would cause the membrane to clog up and stop functioning. This will result in the replacement of the membrane on a more regular basis. The membrane is expensive and this would stay with you for as long don’t address the total hardness of the water. Let’s say there is iron or manganese in the water. The reverse osmosis system will not remove the iron and manganese from the water. The iron and manganese will also clog up the reverse osmosis membrane. Bacteria are also a big problem and the reverse osmosis system will not remove the bacteria in the water. You play with your health if you do not address the bacteria with the correct method.

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