Need information regarding borehole water treatment.

Borehole water treatment advice.

If you have a borehole and plan to use it.
You want to treat the borehole water for human consumption.
Let’s say you want to get off the grid.
You want to connect the borehole water onto the house water inlet.
There are a few very important things you need to know.
First is to get the required non return valve that would ensure that the borehole water would not flow back into the municipality water line.
The odds that the water will flow into the municipality line are very slim.
The municipality water pressure is from 8 bars up to 10 bars in some areas.
The water pressure of most of the pumps that’s been installed is in the region of about 4 bars.

Borehole water treatment and the water analysis.

This is an area where you must know what to look for and how to treat it.
The water analysis is of the utmost importance.
You cannot use the borehole or well point water if you haven’t tested the water.
This is really critical.
Please don’t take the risk by using the water.
If you want to use the water and one of your children develops kidney or liver failure due to the water.
You must know that you are responsible for that.
The most important for us is the health and wellbeing of the client’s family.
You cannot replace health if it is due to the water quality.
Remember that every drop of water that you drink, your body will absorb.

Water analysis of the borehole water.

This is the most important step.
When you have the water analysis in hand you know what to do.
With that you don't waste money and time on systems that you don't need.
You can focus on the real issues.
The water analysis could save you thousands of rands and problems.

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Borehole water treatment