Need some Borehole Water Solutions.

Did you know that borehole water is very complicated subject since each borehole is unique in its own way? That is the reason why we don’t have off the shelf water systems in store that you can buy and install.
The reason is due to the fact that every borehole and the water quality are different.
The borehole water quality differs from one side of the spectrum to the extreme.
We design the correct borehole water system that would address the specific need.
We don’t believe in a one system fits all applications like the “Big blue system” that most of the water business promote.
Please take notice that the “Big blue system” is totally ineffective for borehole applications the way it is presented to the client.

Cape Town Rain harvesting.

This environment friendly trend that most environment conscious person wants to be part off.
Why do you want to get on the bandwagon of rain water harvesting?
It sounds good to take part in this green movement.
We like to strongly advise you to first talk to us before you spend thousands on this rain harvesting project. Most people tend to look to the amount of water that they can collect but never look any other aspect like cost and health for using the rain water.
Is the cost worth the effort?
It is important to know what to look for when you consider rain water harvesting.
Let’s take a look to some issues:

 Rain harvesting and the roof.

What do you think accumulated on the roof during the year?
What about that bird that do his droppings on the roof?
Where that bird does comes from?
What is in those droppings?
Bird flu from China?

Dust in rain water harvesting.

What is in the dust that is on the roof?
Air pollution like fuel, lead from airplane fuel.
Dust and chemicals from factories.
Dust from the ground that was blown up by the wind.
What is in the dust?

 Rain Water contamination.

What can you expected to find in the rain water?
Chemicals and toxic material that is airborne.
What contamination is present in the air?

Rain harvesting tank.

That is the quality of the rain water in the tank?
Did you ever think about, testing the rain water at an accredited laboratory?
What do you think will the test results show you?
You have a 60% chance that you would get a shock of your live.
The tank is in the sun and the water gets hot, an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

Custom borehole treatment systems.

We create custom made systems for your borehole water or any other water needs that would save you money.
A water filtration system that addresses your specific borehole water needs.
If you are serious about the water quality and your health give us a call or send a mail.

Water testing advice.

It is very important to have your water tested at an accredited laboratory.
Ask for the SANS 241 standards.
There is a full test that covers all the elements on the SANS 241.
There is a shorter list that would give us a clear indication what to act on.
If you want information or question regarding the shorter list just send an email and we will send you the shorter copy.
You can send us the water analysis to
We will advise you what actions to take.

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