Heidelberg Borehole Water

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  • Heidelberg borehole water is contaminated and people who make use of any borehole water must seriously consider looking into your health matters.
  • This is a serious situation and not something to take-up lightly.
  • To invest in your health starts with the water you drink and use.

Heidelberg borehole water.

Spaarwater small holdings borehole water sample.Heidelberg Borehole Water

  • We have found roundworms in the borehole water in one of the water tanks from the Spaarwater suburb.
  • We took the water sample to see if the underground water quality is good or not and if it is contaminated.
  • Once at the office we take the sample and look under the microscope to see if we can find something that’s alive.
  • We took 3 samples of 10 drops each and form that an average of 6 roundworms per samples.
  • They were very active Roundworms as you can see in the photo that’s been taken.
  • The photos are not of the best quality due to the move ability of the active roundworms.

Where do the roundworms come from?

  • Some roundworms are harmless and others are not human friendly.
  • Water flow underground over long distances.
  • It flow pass drop toilets and at times through the drop toilet.
  • In some instances two underground streams come together and if one is contaminated all the water is contaminated.
  • These roundworms are microscopic small but can grow up to a few centimeters.
  • I find people that say, that fountain or borehole water is so pure and natural.
  • Not anymore, due to all the informal settlements.
  • Every shack has a long drop toilet that is just a hole in the ground.
  • The building regulations are just applicable to home owners that have approved home plans.
  • If a home owner has a French drain they must comply with strict rules regarding the building, lay-out and finishing of the French drain.
  • Small holding owners are also guilty of not complying with the standards set out for French drains.
  • Every long drop or drain that does not comply with the specifications and regulations applicable to drains is a contamination source.
  • We have found Roundworms in borehole water that was as far as 600 meters from a long drop toilet.
  • Heidelberg Borehole Water

    Roundworm in Heidelberg, Spaarwater Small holdings Borehole water