Derdepoort borehole

Derdepoort borehole was taken during a reverse osmosis system service.

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Derdepoort borehole water sample.

Derdepoort borehole

Roundworm found in the Borehole water Drain about 120 meters away.

  • This Derdepoort borehole water sample was taken from Derdepoort in Gauteng South Africa.
  • The water sample was from a borehole.
  • The water is a little bit on the brackish side.
  • The location where I took the water sample was next to a school.
  • What happens is that people take their water samples for testing at any laboratory and the test show that the water sample is clean and good for human consumption.
  • The people who take the water sample do not know how to take a sample to test for parasites.
  • The biggest surprise is that some of the laboratories are not accredited to test for parasites.


Is this in the Derdepoort water sample from a borehole?

Derdepoort borehole

Live Roundworm in borehole water, french drain about 120 meters away.

  • Yes I have installed a reverse osmosis system.
  • The people get their water from a borehole.
  • I took a water sample from the water tank and that is what I have found.





Derdepoort borehole water sample.

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Derdepoort borehole

This is a crap like thing. look to it when you click on this photo.

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