Borehole Water Test Results is important.
You must know what the dangers of the borehole water is.
This is very serious information that you must know.
This could have a lifelong influence on the heath of any person that drink that water.
If you renting or have a B&B the clients can sue you.
Every drop of water that you drink is absorb by the body.
If the water is unsafe then that harmful stuff will be absorbed.

Getting the water tested.

If you want to know the quality of your borehole water.
Take  a 2 liter water sample and courier it with the form to a certified laboratory.
That is to ensure that the water that you drink would cause no danger to your health.

Understanding the water test results.

You have your water test results.
You did not get a report with the results.
Visit the link where we discuss every element of the water test results.

Things know about Borehole Water Test Results.

If you have test your borehole water and have the results.
It only provides you with the status of the borehole water the moment you took that sample.
Two hours later the borehole water quality could have changed.
Due to a chemical spillage or some form of contamination in the catchment area of the borehole.
Heavy rains can cause borehole water quality to change.
One moment the borehole water can be suitable for human consumption and the next moment it can be deadly.
If you want to know more about it sent us an email.

Ask the laboratory for a certification.

Ask the laboratory that did the tests to give you a paper that certify that your borehole water is safe for human consumption.
They will never do that.
Because the water quality that could change at any moment.

The borehole water test results.

You have the borehole water test results.
What now?
You can email it to us.
We would look and give you some advice on what to do.
Borehole water is serious business when it comes to your health.
The water taste good but in that sweet taste, death could be hiding.
Don’t play with your health.
Remember that the water that you drink.
The water that goes into your mouth will be absorption by your body.
If there is something in that water.
You could get ill sometimes it even took years before you notice it.

Need help with the borehole water test results.

If you have tested your borehole water at an accredited lab.
Is it possible to share the test results with the people of South Africa?
There can be somebody in your area that have a problem and if they can get some guidance to help them what to look for.
Any areas water test results will help.
That will give people an indication what the state of the borehole water is.
People is under the impression that borehole water is of the cleanest and purest form of water a person can get.
In South Africa it is not the case anymore.
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Contaminated borehole tests.

Borehole water is at some locations contaminated to the extent that they can't even use the water for irrigation purposes.
Get your borehole water tested today for peace of mind.
It is the health of humans and animals at risk.
Don't play with health.

Borehole water test results rip off.

Please do not let any person take your water sample to be tested.
Water shops do not test water.
They do not have the equipment to do that.
They sometimes take it to a lab.
They charge you extra for the tests.
People is been ripped off by people that charge them thousands of rands for water tests.
If you want to test your borehole water.
We make use of Waterlab but you can take your water sample to any lab.
Take your water sample to Waterlab 012 349 1066.
You will save hundreds of rands that way.
The people at Waterlab do a great job!

Water Lab information and link to their website:

Physical Address:
Building D,The Woods, 41 De Havilland Crescent
Persequor Techno Park, Meiring Naude Road, Pretoria

Postal Address: P.O. Box 283 Persequor Techno Park 0020

Telephone No: 012-349-1044/1066
Fax No: 012-349-2064


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Borehole Water Test Results

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