Brackish borehole water

Brackish borehole water

Large Photo of a Parasite that was found in a water tank for a Borehole. High Quality Photo on

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. Brackish borehole water Solutions.

Signs of brackish borehole water.
The moment you wash your hands the soap do not want to foam and the water feel strange on your skin.
It feels if your hands stay wet.
It is a strange experience at first.
People get used to this brackish water.
The brackish water creates stains on shiny surfaces.
One place is when you wash the vehicle with the water.

Brackish borehole water problem.

Brackish borehole water is a common problem.
What to do now?
I can’t drink this stuff.
Is it safe and can it be contaminated?
Who can help me with this problem?
The electric elements of the geyser are clocked-up.
The electricity account is sky high and the only thing that is on the whole day is the geyser.

What to do with brackish borehole water.Brackish borehole water

Contact Tap water SA at 082 269 0210
Get the water tested to know what the problem we are facing is.
Get a solution and get on with our lives.
This brackish water is not the end of the world.
We solve your brackish water problem.

What does Tap water SA do?

We help people to solve their water, borehole water and any other water related problems.
If we can’t we will get the people who can. That is when you know it is going to cost an arm and a leg.
No, we solve most of the water related problems.
We like to work with challenges. Brackish water is a challenge but not a big one.
Know that there is a solution for any problem.
When do we hear from you?
We are waiting.

We install and maintain brackish borehole water systems:

Water softener plants and systems.
We assist our clients with water related problems.
You are just a phone call away.
Water purification is our business.
Big or small.

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