Borehole water samples

 Borehole water samples

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. What is the Value of Borehole water samples.

  • Borehole water samples are information regarding some water samples that we have collected from boreholes.
  • It would give our clients a better understanding about the health implications of borehole water that could be contaminated.

Borehole water samples information.

Borehole water samples information that we take when client request us to do it.
We do it to identify any type of borehole water contamination.
Clients want answer to their questions about the quality of their borehole water.
They are under the impression that borehole water is pure and clean.
Clients want solutions to their water problems now.
We establish what type of actions we are going to take with the contaminated borehole water.
We give advice to improve borehole water quality and what the long term action will be.

Take borehole water samples?

Yes. When the client request, that we look into their water quality problem.
People take water samples and find nothing for they do not know how to take the water sample the correct way.
Water samples must be taken in a specific way and place where the contamination will be present.
Water samples taken the wrong way will help nothing and give a false sense of security.
Borehole water can be life-threatening to small children and old people that are weak.
We can help you if your borehole water is contaminated.
Before you drink borehole water think about the health implications and the effect on your lifespan.

Borehole water stored in a tank.

Borehole water samples

( Derdepoort Borehole water samples

Is it safe to store water for long periods in a water tank?
What is present in the water, is there any live organisms, bacteria, parasites or chemicals
What is the effect of the heat of the sun on the water, and the contamination factors inside the tank?
Can the tank play a role in the correction of contamination to kill and destroy any live organisms?

Borehole water samples taken from the water tank:

The water samples that we take from a tank, if it is from a borehole or municipality is been treated the same.
Borehole water is been stored is a breeding place for any type of contaminant.
Did you ever think for one moment what is present in the water in the water tank?
How did the contaminant get in the water and what is the source of it?
What type of contamination is in the water and is humans responsible for that?
Heat and damp environments is a breeding area for harmful bacteria and parasites.
What is alive in the water tank sample?
Where do the live organisms and chemicals come from?
What is the source of the borehole water supply?

Solution for a contaminated borehole?

Borehole water samples

Derdepoort borehole

Yes. That is our work to find a solution to treat the water contamination.
It will take time to work a solution out, but we do not look for a quick fix.
First we have to know what the contamination is.
What the source of the contamination is and the action to stop the spreading of any other contamination.
We establish an action to solve the problem and the prevention of any re occurrence.
The solution will last if all the processes are followed?

It is worth solving the problem for water is our only source of life and we must look after it.
With borehole water on a farm it is not the correct way to install a reverse osmosis system for the people to use but what about the animals?
Animals needs clean pure water just as our humans do.
If we give the animals the contaminated water they will store it in their meat for us to consume the day we eat their meat.
When can you help me with the quality of my water tank water?
The moment you make contact with us we will help you solving your water related problems.
All that you have to do is contact us at 082 269 0210.
You can send us an email at:


Derdepoort borehole water sample.

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