Borehole Water Parasites

Let’s talk about Borehole Water Parasites.

We Supply, Install and Service Borehole water Purification Systems. Borehole Water Parasites that is Present in Borehole Water.

Can humans get Borehole Parasites?

Borehole Water Parasites

Borehole Water Parasites is on

Yes if there is worms in the borehole water.
If the borehole water flow pass a pit toilet.
If borehole flows pass a drain that is overflowing.
If there is any contamination in the groundwater.
Roundworms that are in a pit toilet can flow with the water into the borehole water.

Can humans get bacteria from borehole water?

In South Africa I will not drink borehole water.
The borehole water must be treated before I will drink it.
The borehole water of South Africa is not as save as people think it is.

Borehole Water Parasites

Image of Borehole Water Parasites filter system

Even tests at laboratories can show the borehole water is saving.
How took the water   sample.
What did they test for?
Did they take a water sample from the bottom of the tank?
They just let the water flow out of the tap and take a water sample.
Really do you think that is a quality water sample?
I can tell you that I will not waste my time to test that water sample.

 Borehole Water Parasite and Bacteria:

Can borehole water cause diarrhea?
Borehole Water Parasites

A photo of a Very active Worm from borehole Water

Is the tank sealed?
Can lizards, insects, and mice get into the water tank?
Some water tanks are open on the top.
Birds drink water and drown.
Any dead thing will rot in the tank.
With the rotting process there are bacteria.
These bacteria will cause severe diarrhea.
It can lead to deaths of babies, small children and the old.

Can you give us advice about the borehole water risks?