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Critical Borehole Water Information.

We have years of experience in borehole water related matters.
What do you want to know about boreholes?
We give general borehole information on the website.
Specialized borehole information is given personally or via the email service.
You have only to log in and raise your borehole information question.
If you have some interesting borehole information that you want to share feel free to do so.

Importance of Borehole Water.

Fresh clean borehole water is an important source of water to farmers.
Most of the towns in South Africa make use of borehole water to supplies water to the residence.
All boreholes related information is important for us to get a database of what the state of every region borehole water looks like.

False sense of borehole water quality?

Borehole related information

Parasites in our tap water. Act now and stop this health risk.

We have experience that when people have their borehole water tested they know that there borehole water is safe to use.
This is a false sense of thinking the borehole water is safe.
Borehole water can be polluted within an hour.
The borehole water tests and analysis that’s been done is done on your information and request.
What do you know about what is important to test for in your area.
Did you take that water sample correct? Different water samples require different sampling methods.
Don’t be too proud to ask for information.

What to test for in borehole water?

Ask the laboratory technician not the reception.
Ask them what the problem factors in your area are.
Find out what contamination is present in our area.
What pollution happened in the area say 30 years ago?
Is there any sewage spillage in the area or rivers?
Test for parasites like roundworm as well.

Borehole water questions.

What Borehole Water Information do you want?
It is important for us to know what you want to know.
Before you use  Borehole Water in South Africa contact us.
Don't play with the Devil.
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